ESPN Reportedly Owes UT for Longhorn Network, Which Could Help Fund Big 12 Exit

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Could ESPN essentially pay for UT’s Big 12 exit?

This sound like a loan. Why would Texas not get there monet on time?

Does not seem right. I don’t see how espn could be committed to $150M over the next 10 years where the Longhorns would not be fulfilling their commitment to provide content over those same 10 years. Maybe Chip Brown’s point was that not only could the Longhorns be subject to an exit fee but they would be walking away from $15M a year over the next 10 years to the extent they don’t fulfill their commitment to espn. Does the SEC money really make up for both the exit fee and the lost revenue from the espn Longhorn network contract? They must see the value.

ESPN owns the media rights to the SEC going forward. They’ll probably just add 10 commercials per OU and Texas game to pay for the Longhorn Network buyout.

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