ESPN's College Football Final is a joke

Matt Barrie, Joey Galloway and Jesse Palmer are the Three Stooges on this show. They know nothing about oSu. On last night’s brief video of our win over #25 ranked KSU, The first part of the video was the fumble recovery in the end zone. The score at the bottom of the screen correctly showed KSU 10 - oSu 14. Barrie piped up that "the Cowboys trailed: 14 to 10. Then Galloway demonstrates his vast knowledge of Cowboys football by stating “finally the Cowboys defense showed up.”

I am convinced this deliberate ignorance and disrespect of Cowboys football by ESPN dates back to the “I’m a man, I’m 40” response from Gundy for the shameful Oklahoman article about Bobby Reid’s mom feeding him chicken after the game. Of course all the sports media people took Gundy’s comments as a personal attack on them, these ESPN talking heads included.

But just like one of the Cowboys players said after the game, during one of the Robert Allen interviews from the locker room, the team doesn’t pay any attention to the ESPN talking heads and just take each game, one at a time, and let their play do the talking.

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I dnt watch espn.
All media took it as a personal attack. Thats why alot like to joke about it. Espn is different. It’s like a 50/50 deal. Half the people dnt think of themselves as reporters or part of the media.
Just exjocks getting paid to talk sports.

Here is another recent ESPN shot at Gundy, obviously still influenced by the "I’m a man, I’m 40, come after me . . . " dissing of the drive by sports media:

12:16 am 3 Oct 2021 - David M. Hale (ESPN Staff Writer) - Tier 5 : The “Ted Lasso” teams that everyone keeps telling you are actually pretty good but you just haven’t found the time to actually watch

Michigan State, Wake Forest and Oklahoma State*

Is there a real contender in this bunch? Wake escaped with a dramatic 37-34 win over Louisville on Saturday, and its schedule sets up nicely for a strong run into November. With Clemson reeling offensively, anything seems possible in the ACC. Meanwhile, Michigan State appears destined for a battle of undefeated teams against Michigan on Oct. 30. Oklahoma State could have easily lost its first three, but coach Mike Gundy listens to only the news he likes, so the Cowboys might just be the best team in the country.

That was actually a jab at oan tee-shirt. Espn has not been a good sports channel since they started add so many non sports people. An innovative small public channel cover big east basketball to sucking up to sec football… I dnt waste my time. They had conn vs vandy on espnu. Their a joke.

ESPN is too political as well. And I will say I stopped listening to Clay Travis Outkick the Coverage for the same reason. They are as opposite politically as it gets. Outkick-way right, ESPN-way left.

Both are just over the top obnoxious w/ it. That’s all I’ll say.

Yes. I’m am one who like to have no politics to sports. And least not espn politics.