ESPN's GameDay Crew Picks Oklahoma State to Win Big 12 Championship

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It was Oklahoma State across the board.

Here comes 2019 Spencer Sanders.


So get scared. Run three straight times while your down 14-3. Awesome!!


It seems kinda quite on here?

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Offense has looked really good in the first half. For Baylor that is.

Pathetic showing. Just embarrassing.

Actively rooting for us to lose. Pathetic. Can someone ban this troll?

He not rooting for us to lose. I just think he’s pointing out that the HC for Baylor who is a former DC is focused on scoring touchdowns while our HC who is a former OC is focused on kicking field goals.

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Yes Knowles really looking good against a freshman. Went 17 for 17.
I’m glad ur happy

Knowles will do his job if Gundy could do his and quit putting them in bad situations.

I hope ur happy.
I know u will justify this in ur mind.

No I’m not happy but why are you surprised that Gundy is being Gundy.

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Defense has been put in very bad position. Not on Knowles. Sanders did his thing early. OC is going to have to open it up and Sanders is going to have to be flawless in the second half. Baylor also schemed some offensive plays that have worked perfectly. Long shot The Pokes will recover from the mistake of giving Baylor the short field. OSU has made it easy.

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Well are young recievers are physical enough doing their getting held. The defense hasn’t stopped them where every they start. Presley and Warren are out.

I fail to see how the offense giving Baylor the ball on the 4 and 38 yard lines and an extra 14 points is somehow Knowles fault?

I guess Sanders is the QB for Baylor this game.

I’ve seen us run one trick pay so far.

How did that trick play work out

We got 5 yards. It’s better than running off tackle all game and getting no yards.

So do we plan on throwing touchdown passes this game? Or do we keep giving it back to Baylor?