Everything Mike Boynton Said at His Thursday Media Availability

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On 3-point shootings, NCAA sanctions and more.

I like it! Good Mike talking about post season! Gundy can’t do that because he knows it’s impossible for his teams to achieve that. Coach B believes, and coach G does not🤷‍♂️

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Coach B is still pulling 4 :star: and 5 :star: Guys even while having sanctions looming over the program. Coach G wouldn’t even be able to get a signature with sections looming over him. Can’t wait for the future in basketball! GIA will rock aging.

Gundy doesn’t talk about post season because it’s a given.
Mike wants everyone to know he is thinking about post season.

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Kind of like how it was a given in 2006, 2007, 2014 and 2018 when the team was fighting for their lives to get 6 wins just for a bowl game appearance.

Not only curious about all the new guys that are transfers, but also want to see what Donavon Williams and Chris Harris can contribute to this team since we only got to see each perform sparingly before their injuries.
What happened to Kalib that he has a sling?

U didn’t answer u went straight to blah blah

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Coach G is generally known as Gajewski not Gundy.

I almost laughed. It was so sad of a joke.

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I just don’t see MA playing any PG, and this is the second time Boynton has mentioned it. MA had 43 turnovers and 20 assists last year while playing the 4/5 position. I can’t imagine putting him in a ballhandling and decision making position. Maybe he can be allowed to rebound and go with it? But with how deep we are in the backcourt, I don’t see MA handling the ball. Maybe MA was going to the hit the portal and we made this promise?

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