Expanded Playoffs

I’m predicting that OSU doesn’t make the expanded Playoffs the first 4 years after it is opened up.

So you are saying we are making the playoff.


Not as long as Gundy is a cancer on this program.

Thats not what you said in the first post. I mean gundy will be here in 7 years

I see you did dispute what i said about the older recruiting rankings

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I just ignore 90 % of your crap.

Thats is not true. I pointed out the ratings from the early years were a joke.

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Excuses and Excuses and Excuses

A 12-team College Football Playoff in the BCS/CFP eras: Who would have made it? - The Athletic We would’ve only made it twice by the way.

Which is it. Miles needed simmons senior class ranked 3rd to get 3rd in the division or miles is a great coach.

Your tge one with excuses. What excuses will you have when dave, picked to win the title and finishes 6 and 7.
This is the second year in a row your hero have dropped the ball. Does this mean your new heros of chris and sonny are droppibg next year

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What is your point.

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That it’s not good enough. UCF has more than us since 2011. So does Baylor, KState, TCU, Stanford, Boise State. Ole Miss, South Carolina, and Cincy have the same amount as us since 2011. For top 10 wins we still wouldn’t have been in it for a whole ■■■■ decade.

Still your point.

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That it’s not good enough. That’s the goddamn point.

I guess you shows poorly. This isnt about gundy. Its about you to recognize your poor chooses in life. Should have been a goon

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Going to OSU and getting a degree is a poor life choice? That’s news to me because I had a great time at OSU.

Your the one who got chit rolling down your leg.

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Sure thing Roberto :+1:

I didn’t think you could but you topped your most idiotic statement :cowboy_hat_face:
You’re a bitter man jug :roll_eyes:
Bah Humbug are you

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I guess we need to expand the number of stooges on here :joy:

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