Extended Break Gives Boynton a Chance to Analyze Pokes' Offense

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Boynton is calling for more Ice.

Ice can do more. Can he make more ft.
A real patient offense would do wonders.

If Ice will works down low he’ll help pick up his points per game average and help this team get some easy buckets. Free throw shooting must improve.

Little help here…where can a guy in Idaho listen to oSu basketball online? On okstate.com it has a list of radio stations but so far none of them actually carry basketball! Help!!!

The stillwater I think p
97.3 u can get on line an should do basketball. One of the Stillwater ones tho.
If u go on to the Oklahoma state site on basketball scroll down to schedule. There will be a listen button under the tech game.:innocent::cowboy_hat_face:

I’m listen on my fone through ok state school site

Awesome…thanks! I guess I was just checking too early.

I appreciate the help!

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They start an hour early not sure when the button can go