Famous OSU Alum

Just about the most famous & influential person in the spirits industry is OSU alum Fred Minnick. Here is a link to a good article on him which goes through his career and struggles with PTSD after serving in Iraq. What this article doesn’t detail too much is how much his reviews can make or break a bourbon. It’s a really good read, and if you are a fan of bourbon I can vouch for his new magazine, it’s really high quality.


Gary Busey.

Personal favorite of mine is Hoyt Axton. Wrote all of the good Three Dog Night songs. Larry Reece always talking over the Tubas playing ‘Never Been to Spain’ is very frustrating.

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Will share with my bourbon-obsessed friend.

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Does James Marsden count? I don’t think he’s technically an alum. He might’ve left to pursue his acting career before graduating. I only like him because he played Cyclops.

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After studying in Oklahoma State for over a year and appearing in his college production, “Bye Bye Birdie”, Marsden left school and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his interest in acting.

Being a fan of pro wrestling, the briscoe brothers would be a favorite of mine.