Favorite Oklahoma Brew

Currently really enjoying a pour of Praire’s Bourbon Paradise. What’s your current favorite Oklahoma brew?

Coop Ale Works Brandy Barrel Aged DNR with Cherries from the Cask-it series is the best bottle of beer I’ve ever had. Just really hard to get since it’s limited edition.

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and no…I’m not a beer snob…I drink Michelob Ultra for Pete’s sake…I just really like Trappist style ale.

Iron Monk Milk Stout

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DNR is a solid pregame drink. I haven’t tried any of the aged DNRs

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It’s my favorite “always available” beer. The aged ones in comparison are like the difference between really good french fries and really good truffle fries… both are good but there is something special about the latter.

Coop F5 is my go to favorite beer in any given situation

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Too bitter for my tastes…or maybe the wrong kind of bitter…don’t know really. There are higher IBU beers that I prefer but the F5 just doesn’t sit well on my tongue. I think it’s the only Coop beer that I don’t care for.

iron monk milk stout is my favorite to this day.


Saw this on the shelf today but didn’t get. Is it pretty tasty?

It’s busy but I love it.

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How pedestrian…

Multiple flavors going, moderately bitter.

I find that the times I really just wanna sit back and have a drink, I’m on call and not allowed to ingest alcohol :upside_down_face:

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COOP Native Amber followed by Iron Monk’s Payne County IPA