Favorite Oklahoma State Wrestlers?

I’m working on a bigger story compiling a list of some of the all time OSU greats.

As a kid I was always a big Johnny Thompson fan. Between his blast double leg and the way he was able to pin elite college guys with a snake, he was really exciting to watch.

I’m interested to hear who some of your favorites are?

Kenny Monday!!

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Uh, also John Smith.


Alan Fried was always a favorite and Dieringer was virtually unbeatable and so fun to watch. I’d also throw in the BIG Jimmy Jackson!

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I always like Johny Hendricks. His flare for the dramatic and borderline arrogance was very entertaining. Plus, the hawkeyes hate him so that is always a plus.


Looking forward to learning more about our wrestling history from this article. I am too “new” a fan to OSU Wrestling (or college wrestling in general) to have an opinion other than recent wrestlers. As for the recent wrestlers, I’d have to include Chandler (never a dull moment), Preston (the living Wrestling Pete logo), and Derek (if for nothing more than the best pic ever coming out of the green fog like the Hulk). Honorable mention to Kaden Gfeller for responding to the taunt last year. Of course, our recent repeat champions (Alex and Dean) have to be at the top of the list based on results. Dean even influenced a rule change. Guess that puts him in a category with basketball legend Bob Kurland. :smirk:


I was always a big Jake Rosholt fan. Steve Mocco comes to mind as well. Both guys were just so dominant and versatile for their size. Mocco’s single leg was just deadly. He would get in on a leg and have it back up in the air so quick that his opponent had no idea what had happened… and then he would have it so tight that he would get that trip in and usually pin the other guy if the other guy hadn’t given up on giving away anything.

Chandler Rogers will always be a special wrestler to me too. Loved watching him compete and he left it all out there every time. Never questioned his work ethic, that’s for sure.

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Hendricks - such a bad man and the comeback win in OKC in the finals was top 5 osu moments

Johnny T - double leg magic and the year he ran through the entire conso bracket after losing round one

Jake Rosholt - No buddy turned it on for the big stage like him

Pendleton - don’t know we’ve had anyone better during his last two years

I named my dog Newly, so McSpadden gets a shout out for that reason alone. Only osu themed name my wife would go for.

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Dang so many I could name, Mark Branch, Steve Mocco, Kenny Monday, Kendall Cross and of course John Smith. Even though I was a bigger weight I loved doing the Smith low single leg attack.

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Mike Sheets was before my time. I’ve seen some old videos, but he’s one that seemed to be a fan favorite from his era.

I get a lot of feedback from people that really enjoyed watching him.

Old timers…Joe James and Yojiro Uetake

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Johnny Thompson (a little BMT but I grew up watching videos and highlight reels just absolutely electric).

Chandler Rogers is my absolute favorite in recent years. That man was a dog on the mat. He wrestled with so much fire and passion, and you never had to worry about the bright lights shining too much for him. He embodied everything that is Cowboy Wrestling in my mind.