Ferrari, Fix Make The NCAA Finals, Cowboys Sit In Third Place

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The Pokes have a pair of finalists and others who made consolation runs.

What a surprise from Cowboy wrestling. Because of injuries I thought a top ten finish might be the best that could be expected and thus a very disappointing season. But just the opposite. The guys are giving it their all and have racked up enough points for a potential third place finish. Considering all of the injuries, that would be a great finish and a good season after all. The biggest surprise has been Austin Harris. Unbelievable beating Stencil from CMU, a 3 seed who is really good. And then pinning the number 11 seed. You just have to wonder what he could accomplish if he was at a normal weight for a heavyweight. Because of Wyatt Sheet’s torn ligament in his knee I expected almost no points from him and I was sure that he would have to have a medical forfeit at some point if he advanced. So a heroic effort from that kid. If healthy next season he should be really good. And what can be said about AJ that has not already been seen? He is not surprising most of us, I expected to see him in the championship match, same for Daton Fix. I feel bad for Boo but the competition is fierce and he did well. Plott not advancing that far doesn’t bother me at all. He has a significant injury and we have not seen his true potential this season because of that. I think if he can heal that shoulder he should be great. Looking ahead to next season we need someone better at 125. I also hope that we can put someone on the mat who will be better than Dusty Hone. I don’t know who there is to replace Boo at 149. Hope that Sheets will be healed. Not sure who will replace Dakota Geer at 184. Maybe Montalvo if healed? Interesting watching Austin Harris wrestle Kirkvelet because Kirkvelet was supposed to come to OSU originally before he changed his mind.

I with u top 10 would be best.
These guys did great. All scored points.
It would be hard to pick mvp.
Keep it up guys go pokes