Ferron Flavors Enters Transfer Portal

U calling something dumb is rich.

Here is a hint
If I say anything that u and Joe would like its sarcasm.
I will take ur thinking out of the way

Girls are hang in. Down 1 after 1qt.

“Here is a hint”

@robert28 “you really a nice guy when you’re not posting” LOL

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To get the authentic Robert quote you have to write at the special ed level.


So u ready for ice to lead the team next year

Avery will lead the team. He’s earned it.

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Wasn’t ice just hurt

Girls played well. Just had one bad quarter

Whats an avery team going to be next year 14 and 16?

Do I look like a prophet to you or something?

Or something

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And turn down the big $$$?

Just pulling Joe’s leg

I knew Flavors injured his finger but I thought it happened early on during the season, not before the season. If he was playing the whole season with an injured finger then we will never know if he was any good or not when healthy. I assume he is leaving because he hardly got any playing time and that was for good reason. He was not able to hit enough threes. He became a substitute to give other players a breather. Waste of scholarship. Very fortunate that he is going to yet another college.