Ferron Flavors Enters Transfer Portal

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The 31 Flavors experiment just didn’t work out in Stillwater.

Best of luck for him. But there is on scholarship.
Even if ncaa wants to take scholarships it wouldn’t affect his year being so later.
With 2 scholarship he needs to talk a kid in to it. It at most be a one year ban

Can’t say I’m surprised. Coach needs to land that 5 star center or hit the portal for one. Boone is good he just isn’t big enough for some teams.

Were not landing a 5 star or a tranfer until after we find out about the ban.
We mite get a good 4 star. For now

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I would have been shocked if he came back. He really wasnt a good team player on the court. As soon as it touched his hands he was going to shoot it no matter how bad of a shot it was. 26% beyond the arc.

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Good luck

Yet we landed Cade Cunningham when we weren’t so sure about the ban or not.

Wish him good luck but this really isn’t a big loss. Dude averaged 3 ppg and shot 26% from three point range. There is a reason Boynton is recruiting the #3 PG in the country right now.

Funny cade was a commit before the ban. Still own somebody for his brothers job. So we will see what going on. U keep ur nice fuzzy feels about cade.
If boynton was that great recruiter or mentor then cade would stay.

Another low 3 star u hate

Is he another guy boynton developed

No one hates the guy he’s just not good.

Just screwing with joe. And actually flavors wasn’t even ranked. Its to bad he couldnt get it going.

And he still decided to stay when he could’ve pulled his letter of intent and go somewhere else.

If a player isn’t any good then Robert just believes you hate them. Couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that they aren’t any good.

If your predicted to be the #1 pick in the NBA draft are you gonna pass up the money? What a stupid statement.

Lol I must’ve skipped over that part. This is the dumbest thing I’ve seen in my life. Edwards got $44 million for being the number one pick. Who in the hell would pass on that??? Even a brain dead moron like Robert should be able to comprehend that.

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So cade not coming back

Yea Brain dead moron like logan cant tell when sarcasm is used.
I’m used to joe being an idiot. But I still forget u do to if u post. Ur really a nice guy when not posting.

Sarcasm through text doesn’t work moron. Based on the other dumb stuff you say it seems pretty believable that you think he should stay another year.

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