Film Look: Breaking Down Spencer Sanders’ 2020 Interceptions (Part 2)

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Part 2 of a three-part series breaking down Sanders’ interceptions from last season.


Great run down.
That first one should have been a tuck and run. All the back were doing a high low game on him. Linebackers dropping back. Do a fake throw and run.

That 2nd one first was a bad pass even with no defense. Should have thrown it when stoner was open on the side line. But again a high low defense.

I’ve talked about the last one just a bad pass. It was 2 yards short and on the inside.

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As of right this minute Spencer Sanders is the Tony Romo of the Big 12. He can do some nice things but needs to clean up the critical things. One would think since his Head Coach was a former QB and that SS has been on campus for three seasons now the turnover gaffs would be better.