Film Look: Breaking Down Spencer Sanders’ 2020 Interceptions (Part 3)

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Here’s the final piece of the three-part series breaking down Sanders’ interceptions from last season.


Great job that tech pass had some pressure but seriously throw the ball a way. It was not a bad pass it was a bad decision.
The Texas throw was a bad throw

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Thanks! Thanks for reading!

No problem good stuff

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I want him to make the junior stride this year, but if he doesn’t, I think we need to have a short leash and bring Illingworth in.


DUSTIN!!! Great Job!

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Thank you!!

Nice series. Now figure out why he doesn’t throw to the short middle of the field! If he can clean up his mistakes, open up the whole field AND stay healthy I think we will be squarely in the conference race.

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Our ceiling, like with most teams, rises and falls with QB1. If this is his Vince Young breakout junior year, every goal is on the table. He doesn’t have to be VY good, just have everything “click” so that he’s maximizing his potential. The D, offensive line, and skill positions should be good enough to take us where we want to go if he just takes what the defense gives and then makes the special plays at special moments.

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It would be great if Sanders made the flip. We could run plays most the league haven’t seen. Be like a whole new play book. Lmao

Still don’t see any proof that it’s quarterback play keeping us from getting higher than 4th in the conference. Unless you’re expecting Sanders to be better than Rudolph and Weeden throwing the ball and better than 90% of our running backs, running the ball. (He’s not far behind on either one of those) His biggest problem is everyone in the stadium and everyone watching from home knows that it’s going to be one of 3 plays.

We know u dnt understand that’s is not the qb play.

First he is a couple of thousand yards off.
His td to turnovers is awful
Redzone td % is awful.
If u have been paying attention to these three segments u would realize under not alot of pressure he tends to throw to the other team.
Yes ur rite it’s not a qb problem

In 2015 and 2016 Mason Rudolph averaged 300 yards per game 2019 and 2020 Sanders averaged 250 yards.
Check out the number of interceptions per game compared to Weeden’s.

I think u are very liberal with ur numbers.
Rudolph’s numbers are a little lite since they played two qbs. It mite be 1000yds for Rudolph but 800 and that is taking tulsa out.
Weeden was over 2.5 td per pic. U throw in fumbles Sanders was almost 1 to 1.
I know u just want to prove me wrong but u need to find a better fight.
I see u didn’t even touched Sanders redzone td %. I would be happy if he got it up to 67 % not below 50

The point he’s making has nothing to do with Sanders’ statistics or development or even comparing with other former OSU QB1s. His point is that Gundy controls the offense, thus limiting all of the above.

I know his and ur point of view and knowledge about Gundy’s offense.
I guess this is why u guys never can read.
Ar0 sent a post asking to compare Sanders #'s with other qb.
He actually uses the word compared.
Yes I’m surprised he didn’t blame gundy at all its a first.

Weeden averaged 1 interception per game.
Sanders averaged 1 interception per game.

We just read 3 stories about Sanders interceptions
Show me one story they wrote about Weeden’s interceptions.

When I compared Rudolph’s 300 yards per game to Sanders 250 yards per game, it’s very close considering how much the offense has been slowed down every year since 2011. (The number of possessions per game)


How extreme is it to average 1 interception per game? I know Rudolph averaged less and never won the conference. Weeden averaged 1 and won the conference, but is he the only one who has won the conference and averaged a pick per game?

Last, is it your opinion that it’s quarterback play keeping us from winning the conference?

I know u think u found a bone. 1 pic a game is not “extreme” as u have it in ur head.
U can give the ball up if u are scoring.

To answer ur has it been done. Yes weeden did it. Idiot.

U most have really thought this stuff was a big bone. Travis had to remind u it’s gundys fault.