Film Study: Breaking Down 2021 Signee Bryson Green

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Green’s size and willingness to block could get him on the field early in Stillwater.

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Yes he going to good work on speed.
Nice run down.

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Really good analysis - love these!

I agree that his hands and blocking skills look excellent. I was a little surprised at his lack of top level speed, but I’d rather have a good route runner with good hands than a fast receiver with terrible hands.


Thanks! I really appreciate that!

And, I agree. I think he will be able to improve upon that and that time is from over a year ago, so he might have already.


I think both brother’s will do great,& maybe even start year 1 with coming in early with the loses at WR


Not on a Gundy coached team.

What twins or freshman. Think careful.

The focus can only be on 1 receiver. Plus being a 4☆ means he only has a 33% chance of getting any significant playing time.

Go to any team for rushing and recievers their is usual one. Since sanders has been there it been more one sided. He cant go to his second option. A play is called for a player. Doesnt mean the qb has to throw it. In passed weve had mainly 9 guys catching passes. Sanders does good if he hits 6.
U hate Gundy so u blame him and dunn
In reality we have one hole that’s qb

How many quarterbacks has there been since Weedon and how many times has the team finished higher in the conference than last year?

It’s been a while since weve had a nice defense

2013 was the best defense Gundy has had. Was it the quarterback then? Do you know what every team from 2012 to 2020 have in common? The same head coach that can’t get it done and your endless excuses why it’s not his fault.

U just said r best d was 2013 and we had weedon.
With this d and at least corndog we would have won again

Learn to read.

I dnt make excuse just correct ur drivel.

More excuses.