Film Study: Breaking Down 2021 Signee Kendal Daniels

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A look at the top-rated player in the state of Oklahoma.

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Great job.
Only thing was those pics were great but bad throws. He stole them from his own player. Lol
I know he doesn’t want to be a linebacker but I’m sure by the time he leaves he will be.
His time is nice but if he puts on more weight.

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Kelvin Banks scheduled an official visit with us for June 11th, probably a long shot but if we could find a way to land him that would be huge. If he would recommit may also be able to talk Jacob Sexton into coming too we’re in his top 5. That would give us two great tackles to anchor our line. Probably a long shot but would be great if we pulled it off.


It would be unbelievable to get both. Just on the fact of competition against each other.
But if Jenkins goes high even 2nd round.
Big recuits are talking to more then one coach. The other coach point out what dickey does for 2 stars. It’ll be a given what he can do with them.
I do think banks can be gotten.
Sexton. Take away a in state ou guy would be big.

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