Film Study: Breaking Down OSU’s Offense against Iowa State

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Dustin Ragusa dives deep into OSU’s offensive performance against the Cyclones.




Great break down. Sanders really need to count to one before he stares at his reciever.


Thank you!

Thought sanders was pretty good Saturday, and didn’t show much rust at all. If there’s one thing he needs to work on, it’s to stop choosing his receiver before the ball is snapped. He stares guys down from the second the snap hits his hands. Other than that, one of his two picks were tipped on release and his completion percentage would put him in the top 10 nationally if he had enough attempts to be considered. Also, ISU gave up 414 yards and 30 points to OU. We had 481 yards and was a holding call away from more points than OU put up on the cyclones, and even though OU’s offense isn’t up to their normal standards if we can just be up to par with their offense, our defense will win us every game this year. The offense will only get better from here too.