Film Study: Breaking Down OSU's Offense Against TU

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Oklahoma State had a tough home opener this past weekend in Stillwater. The Tulsa defense held the Cowboys to just 279 yards and 16 total points. Starting quarterback Spencer Sanders and several other Pokes sustained injuries during this game. The offensive line experienced some of these injuries and, as’s Ian Boyd points out, the starting unit looked quite a bit different than the unit that finished the day. Starting lineup: Left tackle: Teven JenkinsLeft guard: Josh SillsCenter: Ry SchneiderRight guard: Cole BirminghamRight tackle: Hunter Anthony Second half lineup: Left tackle: Jake SpringfieldLeft guard: Josh SillsCenter: Ry SchneiderRight guard: Hunter WoodardRight tackle: Teven Jenkins After Sanders’ went down, we got to see not one, but two other OSU quarterbacks, JUCO transfer Ethan Bullock and true freshman Shane Illingworth. Bullock struggled through about two quarters of play, and Illingworth came in late and was able to help the offense score some points and pull out the victory. Below I wanted to cover several things that stood out after watching the Pokes’ offense as it struggled to find a rhythm against TU. Overall Scheme With Sanders leading the charge, OSU’s first drive was a long one going for 76 yards on 17…

I’m sitting here specifically watching Hunter Anthony and they should probably keep him off the field until he finds some kind of improvement in speed and agility. Several times I watched him not be able to block the edge rusher, not get to the second level in time, and miss his cut blocks terribly off the snap. I think there was one play where he did put a block on the backer but Brown was already well past him when that happened.

Did we run a single offensive snap utilizing motion? We shifted the RB from behind the QB in pistol to his side 3 or 4 times, but we never once ran any motion. If I didn’t know better, I’d have thought I was watching one of Bob Simmons’ super-secret offenses.

this was excellent! thank you for this breakdown.

The OL is, by far, my biggest concern, but thankfully we have Charlie Dickey. All those losses in the offseason sting and I think we might’ve lost Cole Birmingham for the season. In your opinion, is there enough there on the depth chart (just personnel wise) for Dickey to make this OL good enough to get to the CCG? Or do you think that will take a miracle. I know it’s a lot of guys who haven’t played a ton together, and it takes time for the OL to gel, but do you think the guys we have on our roster are physically capable to get us to where we need to be? (Outside of Jenkins and Sills).

I’m honestly a lot less concerned about the QB position than I am the OL. Unless both Illingworth and Sanders get hurt. Then I don’t think I’d be able to watch.