Film Study: Iowa State's Tight End Attack

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OSU needs to limit Charlie Kolar.

Mike Gundy is 4-2 against Iowa State when the game is decided by a touchdown or less.

Cover Kolar, spy on Purdy, and limit Breece Hall to less than 125 yards rushing and I see no reason why OSU shouldn’t be able to win this game (unless he offense just plays like total crap).

I don’t see this as close as the pundits are predicting. With defense playing as well as they are and Spencer back giving an extra dimension on offense, this should be a 2 TD margin win for the pokes.

Dude from Vegas took Iowa State to win the game.

It’s going to be a close game. We need to focus and win the lil things

Glad to see ur spending ur cheer. When miles lost by 40 I thought we lost u. Glad ur hate for Gundy has pulled u through🤪

I don’t hate Gundy. I just hate his style of coaching.

Really thats what ur going with. A man’s jobs is who he is.:lying_face::exploding_head:

I took up for Gundy during the entire OAN debacle because I don’t believe he supports radical views against any person regardless of ethnicity.

I’ve not liked Gundy’s coaching since 2013. He’s got his hands inside the offense too much and needs to realize that offenses and defenses have evolved since 2006. He needs to realize he doesn’t have NFL talent on his OL like his earlier years, and he can’t run the ball 50 times a game against the strength of another team’s defense (See Texas 2019).

This is the same Gundy that commented in 2014 that they like to use Tyreek Hill (As a decoy) when in some weird way the Kansas City Chiefs were able to make him currently the most electrifying player in the NFL. I’ve watch him from being coach of the year in the Big 12 to getting outcoached by Kingsbury, Campbell, Wells, Riley, and Rhule.

Gundy as a person seems fine, and I’m sure he’s a great dude outside of football. I just think on the football side of the house he needs to get with the program and start winning again. He had an upward projectors from 2005-2011. Since then the standard has stagnated. This is his 16th season, and with the way the league is this season if he doesn’t win the Big 12 this year I seriously doubt he ever will the rest of his coaching career at OSU.

We all know it CAN be done because in 2011 he did it when the league had some pretty good teams, and OSU had seven victories against top 25 opponents that season. Now with Sanders back and getting a couple of the OL back in the next couple of weeks there shouldn’t be any excuses.

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Well written peice , mine won’t be🥴. I will say I have never agreed with ever call Gundy has none. That said name any coach u have. One thing about college or big 12 football is match up. Is it Gundy’s fault Matt missed an extra point in 2018. Is it Gundy’s fault sanders was playing for tech last yr. Rhule one yr. Really. Our defense never could match with kingsbury offense ( by the way he is fired). Campbell is a good coach and were 4-2 so. Hill wow well if u can get two guys on one guy then yeah he will be a decoy. Here is u problem Gundy Gundy didn’t invent decoy with hill. 2011 yes great offense. Scary defense in every way possible, but they had 3.5 turnovers. Most problems gundys had is not with offense, but defense. This yr coming was Gundy’s best over all team (except qb) then the offense line melt down. So I don’t see Gundy has melt down. Be real and compare Gundy with the conference and how they have faired. Yes u will always have ur ou comment. It’s easy to pick ur points.

56 rushes against Texas last season when Texas has the best rush defense in the conference? Why are we not throwing the ball to Wallace? Texas couldn’t stop Wallace in 2018 even when they bracketed him (Wallace had 226 yards receiving in the 2018 game). Sanders throws one interception and what happens? Gundy goes into a panic and does exactly what Herman wants him to. He runs the football right at the strength of the Texas defense. Hubbard averaged 3.2 yards per carry in that game. GUNDY RAN HIM 37 TIMES!!! 89 total plays and 56 of them were runs. How about running the ball down by two touchdowns with less than 6 minutes to play when it hadn’t worked all game long? Does that sound like something a level headed college coach should do?

Does a Purdy Kolar combination out preform Sanders Hubbard Wallace?

In those 50 rushes did we throw an interception. U must not have watched much football. Last week I saw wv try to pass there way threw ku( ku can stop the run). Final they ran. Texas against ou do trouble yurich (I think u like him) throw a 40 yd pass on 3rd and 2. They were like 0for6 on long pass. Texas only came back when qb just start running. Riley has lost 3 4th qt leads in the last 3 games. These are examples in the last two weeks. I’ve seen coach pass up field goals because they thought they needed td, against Gundy. They needed to score. Miles ur guy lost pookie, it will be tough for him to keep the team going.

Did u mean sanders?

Thanks, I did mean Sanders.