Film Study: Taking a Look at OU's Rushing Attack

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OU had success with the GT counter in Bedlam last season and will likely look to do it again.

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100 different variations? Here we are with an offense that can’t master 10 plays in the playbook and a coach that refuses to run anything else that might work for his players.

Joe remind me never to ask u for coaching advice. A variation is not a new play. If u watch the one were the passed out of that a decoy play. I know u have problems understanding the "decoy ". I try and point them out to u, no need to thank me it’s all my pleasure.

Another get job on the article.

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Weird how Riley finds ways to trick defenses and find other ways to score, and Gundy keeps running the same thing at the opposing defense and they know exactly where they need to go.

Joe the more I talk to the more I know u real don’t know football at all. I said that was a decoy play they didnt score. Do not write back until u r sure are rite in all aspects. What bar at norman will u be watching the game.


Let’s see how creative LSU’s run scheme is next.