Film Study: What OSU is Getting in KU Transfer Bryce Thompson

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Breaking down the newest addition to OSU’s basketball team.


Thompson showed a willingness to accept this role at KU as an off-ball offensive player,

“”“but it’s not really the style that best fits his game.”""

Have to disagree with ^^^^^

Bryce playing off the ball would expand his game and grow into more of a well-rounded player. What works in high school does not always transition to college. Lol your first comparison from the midrange is one of the best off-ball players of the 2000s.

Thompson shows flashes of CJ McCollum type. We shall see how he locks in as a Sophmore in Stillwater.

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In the quote you took, I was speaking more about his usage% than the term “off-ball”. I think he thrives more being utilized as a focal point of the offense, not a complimentary piece.

To your point with Rip Hamilton, he’s a guy who had a career usage% of 26.8%, including some years where he was in the high 20s and even a year over 30%.

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Please don’t compare the kid to Richard Hamilton. Stop the madness and making this kid out to be the next coming of the chosen one. I hope Thompson has a great year for the Pokes. Just go out and play kid to the best of your ability.

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Was just comparing his efficiency in the midrange game! I’ll never do it again, my apologies!!

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My apologies I wasn’t trying to be a jerk. My point is let’s not put undo pressure or expectations on the kid. Hamilton played 14 yrs in the NBA, 3 time All Star and a career avg. of 17 pts a game.

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No worries! I understand, I was merely comparing the one aspect of their game and I think it’s fun to throw in NBA comps in my film studies.

Completely understand where you are coming from and definitely not saying he’s Rip.