Finally Finished!

Took longer than I expected, but I turned an old workbench into a mini-bar. Sanded it down, stained it, used a 3’ by 4’ piece of plywood for the front piece (same color of stain), stencils for the lettering. Attached the wheels so it’ll roll. Hope y’all don’t mind me showing off my first REAL home project of sorts. Go Pokes!


That’s awesome man!


As one of several lawyers that have not been retained by PFB and have no legal authority to do so, I must ask you to cease and desist from using any likeness or imagine pertaining to and/or depicting in relation to PFB, it’s subsidiaries or affiliates hereto forthcoming and into the future.


PFP is clearly different than PFB


Due to the similarity between the names and the clear intent to use the popularity of PFB to and for their benefit, PFP is clearly trying to capitalize on PFB’s success. Therefore it’s clear that confusion amongst the general public can occur.




I didn’t think you dabbled in trademark infringement.

I know just enough to get me disbarred.




This… is the perfect reply. Congratulations, you win the internet today.

Thanks for the great responses and the encouragement. I chose the name on the front for a few reasons.

  1. PFB is my favorite go-to site for Pokes news, photos, interviews, content, and conversation. I probably visit this place more than any other on the web. Wanted to honor the work that @kyleporterCBS began abd @marshall has continued to build on. Glad I didn’t infringe on any copyright stuff (that I know of…)

  2. I chose the word “Pub” instead of “Bar” because a pub is more of an Irish thing…and I’m proud to be part Irish on my mom’s side.

  3. A friend of the family passed away 5 years ago of cancer. He would always yell, “Pistols Firing!!!” after every home win. He hosted the tailgate party we attended for several years and always did a great job of making folks feel welcome, He also had a great mix of food and drink for adults and kids. So I did this to honor him also.


Do you happen to know if I need a liquor license to try rolling that thing around the parking lots and sidewalks and selling whatever I have on the shelves during the tailgates?

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I think there are several licenses you might need.

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