First Home Stand

We’ll be at Allie P. tonight covering Game 1 at home. Pumped. I think we always underestimate the desire for baseball coverage. How is everyone feeling about the season following last weekend?


I don’t feel any different about this team despite dropping the opening series. This is going to be a good ball club. I feel like it was a prototypical start to a Josh Holliday season. Use a bunch of arms. Get lots of guys game experience. See how guys react when the lights come on. Figure out who you’re going to be after 3 weekends or so. It wouldn’t surprise me if we dropped a game against RGV. I think we will see the same 3 starters as we did opening weekend.

Beating ASU in the midweek was huge though. They are dangerous offensively and feature the best hitter in the country in the Torkelson kid. Standlee was outstanding on Tuesday.

Yes! I was disappointed at first but was reminded that OSU typically starts the season slow. I will periodically check back on GCU; they might be pretty good. Definitely got the excitement back when they beat ASU while getting out of really tough situations.
I’ve been really impressed by Kale Davis so far.

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HIstorically they do start slow… And they are throwing a ton of young guys right into the fire right off the bat. I think they are trying to see what they truly have and I am good with it. The teams they have been playing have been able to practice outside nearly the entire winter. We are limited to that due to our weather. That makes a big difference early.

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Agreed on Kale Davis. I know that they are going with Campbell in the starting rotation on Sundays for now, but I think Kale Davis was ranked a little higher and thought to be a better prospect out of high school. They have some young guys with really good stuff. They’ll look like freshmen at times, but they need Osmond, Campbell, and Davis all pitching well in whatever role they find for this team to reach their full potential. Those guys are all DUDES. I’m fine with trying to let Osmond and Campbell figure it out for a few weeks.

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I really hope Mitchell Stone figures it out this year. Kid can flat out bring it.

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Yes. This. He struggled so much with command and his fastball was pretty flat at times, but his arm is live. I hope Rob can work his voodoo magic on him. I have a weakness for big left handed pitchers. Don’t tell my wife.


I heard he found some accuracy, but it cost him some pop. Working on finding that balance.