First week of big 12

9 and 1 thats good. The only real game we did lose.

West virginia had bad luck on a pick. Got to keep your eyes on the ball. Joshson had a couple in our game.
Some thinks neal should have gone for a 4th and 1.
Jd did ok. I dnt see much improvement.

Tech and tcu lost their qb. But they both have good backups. Tech may have reinjuried his collar bone. Brewer had troubles with his. I mention ou qb could too.

Isu and texas new qb had nice open both had picks tho.

Ksu made sure Martinez didnt throw a pick. Not sure if he threw a ball farther then 5 yards. They will have to do more against Mizzou. Ksu could be real, south Dakota is not top 10 but are one of the better fcs teams usually.

Ku had their biggest win in years.

Next week will have some good games