Five Potential Candidates to Replace Mike Boynton at OSU

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Five names to keep an eye on as OSU looks for a new coach.

I think Will Wade is a scumbag but if he can win I don’t care at this point.



Offer him his job back. At least he showed he can make the tournament.

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Currently with Phoenix Suns.


Bring on Doug and Montonati - BOTH Montonati’s!!! Let’s GOOOOOO!!!



Kansas having a rough year… come home Bill Self!


Maybe a Sutton that is on the staff now.

Why he is not on this list befuddles me.


I think Abdur-Rahim at USF should be looked at. He’s won at Kennesaw State and at USF, and is only making about $1m/yr.

Make another run at Bill !! He’s got to be tired of the pressure Kansas. At least make an offer , he could revive it like Eddie, an instant draw for the fans Donors would step up I think


Will Wade and the guy at Grand Canyon seem to make the most sense. But would those guys want to takeover a program that barely has a pulse and the lowest NIL budget?

Thank you Coach Mike. I wish you the best going forward. You had a tough tenure with the sanctions, which were not your fault. I appreciate the effort.

Money will be the key to any coach and or player decisions. I see Gottlieb had some money/NIL connections. Is it time to cash in the bonus chips and go all in? Start the NIL Era in the positive, get downstream of the wave, set the trend?

We don’t have the big bucks but maybe we can gamble a little of house money to get a good stake.

Let’s ask Pistol Pete. WWPPD?

Please, for all that is holy, stop with the Doug Gottlieb nonsense.

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Yes, or take Sean and give him another shot. That makes way more sense than hiring someone with no coaching experience based on his love of OSU and his hubris.

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The desire our fans have for Doug to be hired makes ZERO sense. Our program is at rock bottom. You don’t hire a guy with zero experience coaching Division 1 college basketball to raise you up from ROCK BOTTOM. Especially after spending around $9 million to fire the previous staff. If Doug wanted to be a serious candidate Doug needed to spend the last 5-7 years getting experience coaching at this level when he was declined when we hired Boynton. We hired a budget coach last time and we got budget ass results. Time to hire a successful head coach at the mid major level.

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No. Not Sean. That idea is just as dumb as you think that hiring Doug is.

At lease Sean is an actual coach. By that token, I’d say that the Doug idea is idiotic by comparison.

Another one worth looking at. In 3 years of being HC, he has made 3 straight NCAA appearances.

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Was I the first one on this?