Five Reasons Why Oklahoma State Will Win the Big 12 in 2020

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This is why (and how) Gundy can win his second conference title.

Pretty sure I read somewhere on here that you hate OSU football. You’re never going to get Gundy fired if this hot take comes true!

Edit: I ToTaLLy ForGOt tHe i’M SeRiOUs aBOut Th!s fOnT

Love it if it happens. By the way, if we beat everyone else but lose to OU in Norman, we could still make the championship game and win the Big 12 by winning in Dallas.

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#3 OU will be without the following for ISU & Texas
Kennedy Brooks
Rhamondre Stevenson
Trey Sermon
Ronnie Perkins
Caleb Kelly
Jordan Haselwood?
Jalen Redmond?
Marcus Hicks
There is chance of OU finishing 3rd in theB12.

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I don’t think that we should overlook Kansas this year . I totally think that we can beat them tbh, BUT it’s Les’s (can I get a punctuation check?) second year Back in the saddle he’s going to want some results . I’d be willing to bet that they meet their ,albeit limited, stadium capacity as people are jonesing for any kind of entertainment or event to break up this covid monotony. I have a full faith that SS turns a corner under TR’s tutelage But he’s still got to prove it .

Because of covid ?

(Les’ :wink: Kansas often plays us close, so them playing us close this year wouldn’t surprise me at all. But losing to them this year would be freakish, and inexcusable.

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No. Different reasons.
Brooks opted out
Sermon transferred
Stevenson and Perkins for weed
Redmond DUI
Kelly & Haselwood knee injury

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But I think I read somewhere that the team in Norman returns all 5 starting offensive linemen? That’s concerning.

Yes, that is. But they might have enough playmakers out to derail their season

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“I’ve planted my flag.” Just couldn’t help yourself, could ya Boone?! Hope we hang 70 on Lincoln’s Logs! #GoPokes #Big12Champs2020

The OL has suddenly become a big concern for me.

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  1. OSU defense could be sub-par. How many times have we talked about how the defense might be good only for them not to be that good?

  2. Chuba is good but I think we are underestimating the losses from the OL. The OL might not be as good as last season.

  3. OU replaced a lot after their 2012 season and still won in Stillwater in 2013 with a 3rd string QB while being a 10.5 point underdog. I think you underestimate their ability as a blue blood to replace talent with someone almost as good while OSU replaces starters with working projects most of the time.

  4. You can have a deep receiving Corp but you need a person that an consistently deliver it and you also need a coach that’s willing to throw the ball. We don’t know how much SS has improved on his decision making and considering Chuba is in the backfield Gundy will probably want to run the ball 45 times a game (Even when it’s not working)

  5. I don’t know which OSU football teams you’ve been watching lately, but this team always struggles in Manhattan, Waco, and doesn’t have a great rack record of beating OU (two wins in Norman in the past 23 years really isn’t that great)