Five Star 2022 Prospect Planning Official Visit to Stillwater This Summer

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Could Mitchell be Boynton’s next five-star?

With those blue bloods on his list, you have to wonder why is he dropping by Stillwater to say Howdy Hi to coach Boynton? Could it be he just wants a paid trip so he can experience Eskimo Joe’s? Speaking of which, has Hideaway Pizza ever changed their horrible pizza recipe since I ate there a few times from 1966-1970. I found Joe George’s Big 8 Café pizza to be much better and that’s not saying much. I can still remember how insanely overly salted Joe made his pizza. I guess that was so you would have to order a second beverage to quench your thirst.

I was on somewhere and they list hideaway the best pizza. I would think it would be hard to sell horrible pizza for that long.:thinking::flushed::scream::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face:

Taste is relative. If an area never had the real taste of pizza then they would not be able to compare Hideaway to good pizza. I have lived in several different states and have yet to find anywhere that has pizza that tastes anything like that from pizza made in Chicago neighborhoods. So when I say Hideaway pizza was horrible, I am not exaggerating. I went to NYC and went to the pizza place that was voted the best in NYC. It was a big nothing. I have gone to the pizza joint in Baltimore that has been in business since 1943 and voted the best in Baltimore. That place would have been out of business in 6 months if it was located in Chicago. If you ever meet anyone from Chicago who has been to Hideaway just ask them what they think of that pizza. And please do not consider the frozen pizza sold in stores called Uno’s Pizza to represent true Chicago pizza. It is subpar. I tate at Uno’s in Chicago, the first pizza joint in Chicago and their in house pizza tastes way better than their frozen version. And stuffed pizza is not what Chicago is known for. Most pizza there has very thin crust. We want to taste cheese, not dough. Send an email to coach Boynton and tell him NYC pizza sucks compared to pizza from Chicago and see how he replies.

Not everyone has great taste. Hideaway’s Big Country pizza is as good as it gets.