Five-Star Guard Anthony Black Commits to Arkansas over OSU, Others

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OSU misses on an elite 2022 talent.

■■■■ that sucks. Time to find a guy that can shoot in the portal.

@joe15 @ar1 the recruiting guru strikes again


Last time I checked gundy never recruited the number 1 overall recruit in the country and the number 1 overall pick in the draft LOL but yea you can say he’s a guru.

Yes he’s done so well with otherwise

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He’s done pretty good considering he is the lowest paid coach in the big twelve while out recruiting most all of them. Yea so and there’s that.

First he is not the lowest paid coach. For a guy who is just above 500, 1 win in one dance appearance he is making good money. Go thur the coaches list of the big 12. The big 12 have 3 coaches that have finals. He is only 500k behide Drew. Drew has coached for 18 years with a natty.
I have nothing against his recruiting, rite now. If he can’t get wins. That will go down. It’s his x’s and o’s.

Yea he’s not the lowest paid

The lowest-paid coach in the Big 12 at a scheduled $1.85 million for this contract year, Oklahoma State’s Mike Boynton has led the No. 14 Cowboys to 18 wins during the regular season. His pay this year is at $1.6 million counting agreed-upon reductions related to the pandemic.

Jug what are you blabbing about. When you guys always talked about gundy, you never took his million out.
What is this crap about the no 14 cowboys. Have you lost a year.
It comes down to this boynton does not make the least.
And look who gets more. These guys have natty’s, finals, final 4, elite 8’s even gotten to the sweet 16.
They have coached for years. His real salary is around 3 million.

The real story is he was the least till 11 mo. ago.

Lol you know what real is? Wasn’t he the least experienced with no dances. We still had a ton of very well thought of coaches.
I know he is over paid. But, I think gundy got a lil to much on this deal.
It would help you if boynton could coach. Lmao

If you were deciding what Dave Aranda Baylor coach should be paid and how long a contract, what would you do?

Well I won’t get all excited liked we did with boynton.
I blame there 2 wins season on him. He has lots of guys from ruhle.
3 million.

He made 2.5 million as an assistant at LSU.

So look how much less ou paying there new coach compared to your buddy.
What was miles making at lsu compared to ku. Maybe lsu just pays to much.

From what I found he was starting out the same at 2.5, but they have up it to 4.

You do now his defense got worse all 4 years at lsu.

See if if he can replace a couple of play makers.

I don’t know about his overall defense, but his goal line defense looks pretty good.

If they are setting a 4 million now I think they are very fortunate.

We will see how he does he lost about 4 guys that were big for him. Plus, his 2 best recruiters.

I dnt care how you look at previous coach, they got a name going. Got a big town in the center of the Texas cities. New stadium. He has alot going for him.

Plus they win conference championships.