Five-Star Prospect and Former OSU Commit Kelvin Banks Decommits from Oregon

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One of OSU’s highest-ranked targets is back on the market.

This will be the third time to recruit him. Is that the charm.
It’s a big time get

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Did you even read the article?

Who every gets him. Moron

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Then be more clear in your context if you want to be understood.

Joey I have spent a year try to get u to understand football recruiting stillwater and life in general. So I know one or 2 words with u will not help.

Banks should be recruiting priority #1 right now.


Would be a great pickup but I doubt he recommits.

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No. Paying Jim Knowles is priority number 1. Then go get Banks!


Lmao that’s funny.

Texas A&M and Arkansas will profit from Oklahoma and Oregon decommits and transfers.


Does Arkansas just have a ton of money or what’s the deal with them? They always seem to have good recruiting classes but always under achieve and get 0 respect from the rest of the SEC. I just don’t see the appeal in going there.

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The expectation is that he either signs with Texas or Texas A&M. Regardless of where he signs, I think it’s encouraging Oklahoma State was/is on his radar.

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So I’m guessing that he picked Oregon over places like Alabama based on the coaches seeing that he de-committed because of a coaching change. So in this case again I’m guessing that his decision will be based in a large part on the coaching talent at a school.

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Longhorns are giving every lineman that signs $50K a year as part of their NIL announcement.

Boy stop!