Five Takeaways from the First Wrestling Media Availability

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On incoming freshmen, women’s wrestling and open tournaments.

Glad to hear the John Smith is considering freshman at 141 and 149 as starters. I never felt that Dusty Hone was a strength in the lineup. A freshman would have to be pretty sensational before coach Smith would allow him to start. At least that is how it usually has seemed over the years. AJ was a no brainer and Victor V. sounds like he has a real shot. Excited to see Carter Young in action. I did not like hearing that Taco declined knee surgery. That’s too bad because I loved his aggressive style of wrestling. Was it Spencer Lee who last season who won it all but wrestled with two torn ACLs which he disclosed in the post match interview at the NCAA? Sounds like an impossible feat but he pulled it off.

I have a hard time following ur freshman deal it’s hurts to read like Joey talking about gundy and his freshman.
We have had alot of freshmen over the last few years.
3 started last year.

Robert, I must not have phrased my comments correctly if you think that I was implying anything negative about coach Smith.
So I will now state my point in different words. From watching Cowboy wrestling since 1966 I find it rare when a true freshman becomes a starter. It has been said over the years that John Smith prefers not to have freshmen start. I have no problem with that and I support almost any decision that the coach makes. My point is that we must have two really potentially great freshman wrestlers if coach Smith is considering them as possible starters. There is no put down of the coaching at all. I think you have been crossing swords so much with a few guys on this blog that you might see a slur when none was implied. When I have an issue with a coach in any sport it will be spelled out clearly. I have no issue with John Smith. So put your pistol back in your holster and save it for someone else.

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I did think u were saying anything about Smith. It just seems we have had alot of freshman start. 2 would be less then last years 3. I thought those 3 started the year or close to the beginning.
Freshmen playing early means one of two things. 1st u have no depth. 2nd they are good.

I think PSU last season had 4 freshman start last season. My memory might be wrong about that. It would be nice if one of our freshmen turns out to be at the level of talent similar to AJ and Fix. If we had 3 guys capable of placing first or second at the NCAA tournament we would have a chance to win another one, assuming most of the rest of the team could gather plenty of points in the consolation rounds. At this point I have no clue how we can manage higher than another third place finish at best. Missouri picked to be number two is quite a change. Central Michigan U., my alma matter for grad school, I am sure is cheering about Mizzu leaving the affiliation with the MAC in order to become an affiliate of the Big 12. The Big 12 with the addition of the Tigers now becomes even more relevant and exciting.

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