Five Things to Know about New Oklahoma State Quarterback Alan Bowman

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On games in BPS, injuries and a decorated high school career.


Its all good now get a true center and some more dline

I like the pickup. I like Spencer better as a qb, but as a receiver shouldn’t they like Bowman better? Any chance receivers that hopped in the portal want to stay, or is that not allowed by the coaching staff. Maybe the receivers got in the portal when they knew Spencer was gone and not coming back. I also wonder if we get some receivers because of this pickup.


Now let’s get back to Weeden type pocket passing, slant and post routes. Let our QB pick apart teams, let’s go fast, and then our RBs will have holes available (for blitzing the D with our pace).


One can only wish bro. Those days are long gone and aren’t coming back. We don’t go for the throat any longer.


BPS…where lower risk/high return slant routes and tight ends go to disappear.


I hate how true the TE part of this is. Having a good TE is great. Its the reason I watch teams like Iowa, Notre Dame or most big 10 schools, really. lol

Those are good references, but to have a more accurate representation you might also throw in Georgia, Alabama, OU, Kansas State just for starters. season. The modern day TE not only runs traditional shorter, low-risk pass routes, but have the athleticism to runs routes like wide receivers do and often have LB’s assigned.

True. Georgia has two future first rounders and Bama is Bama across the board. Ou has had some good ones too. However I’ll take my schools over them. Iowa, Notre Dame and other big 10 schools are just using them for blockers. Iowa has three TE right now with 50 plus catches this season and George Kittle is an all pro, Pat Friermuth from Penn State is top 50 in receptions overall for the Steelers. Iowa also currently has 2 future NFLers in Luke Lachey and Sam Laporta on their current roster this year and Erick All from Michigan transferring in from Michigan for next year and if he stays healthy, he’ll be playing on Sundays. Notre Dame has 5 or 6 in the NFL currently. I know NFL is the only requirement but I think thats a pretty good indicator for success and why I watch them for that purpose. Especially considering the 4 schools you mentioned have about 5 TE’s in the NFL combined right now. UGA will add a couple more in Bowers and Washington. I realize the TEs run these type of routes now and aren’t just blockers and short route runners but are focal points of the offense. But hey thanks for the Modern day football lesson. More accurately these more athletic TE’s have defensive back assigned on them these days too, not just LBs.

Not meant to be a lesson, sorry you took it like that. Just trying to point out that if you want to try and insinuate that somehow having an active TE presence is a goofy, boring option, then you should paint a more complete picture to your argument.

I see that most are ready to anoint Bowman as our starter. I so want us to return to the ‘air raid’ offense of days gone by due to our limited talent at oline as well, and Bowman seems to be well equipped for that. But…
…I am hoping that Flores can come in and make such an impression that he gets significant playing time as a true freshman!! In the spirit of player development, we need to sacrifice a season or two at times to get experience for young unproven talents at all positions, really. I know that bad initial experience can seem to sour a college career, but who can say that it wouldn’t have soured anyway due to mental and physical make up of the player??

I was in the camp, right or wrong, that spending a year to let CornDog (and I love the guy!!) have a season as starter and leaving Sanders on the bench to redshirt was a waste. That year of experience might have just resulted in a better overall career for Sanders and redshirting him just so he could transfer to Auburn for his last season was certainly not beneficial to OUR program.

The immediate gratification complex that is over taking college football is alarming, but with NIL and the transfer portal, it is also here to stay. Players want it now, coaches want it now, fans want it now… administrations want it now. I am unsure how our Cowboy culture will survive in the coming seasons. That is why I am a softball fan!! Now… lol You can no longer find a genuine love of the game at Boone Pickens, but you can at the softball field!! …and at GIA if the women’s team is playing!!

GO POKETTES!! :cowboy_hat_face: :softball: :cowboy_hat_face: :softball: :cowboy_hat_face:

"Modern day TE’s"

Those are typically big WR’s. The modern day TE is really great in the pass game…marginal at best in the run blocking. Thats why the big TE from UGA is such a unicorn nowadays. Jay Novacek wouldve been a 1st Rd pick if he played nowadays.


We cant have done better with sanders over. 2018 was the worst defense we had. We were close in 4 games. Corndog had twice the offense of sanders first year. Corndog knew how to score. 42 td.

If were done with rangel and gundy then who would be the better qb for zane to learn from.

A guy who holds the ball, never throws it away and has issues get td. We can go back and forth on the merits of sanders. Alan and zane are more a like. Freshmans starting while learn isnt the best.

A lil hope but, alan will be good for us.

Alan won’t matter cause the best QB isn’t going to make mediocre mike more than a mediocre coach in the conference.

12 and 2 is not a bad team and we have had a poor qb. So more of your bs.

Your just making your rounds proving your an idiot.

You don’t need a unicorn to add another valuable dimension to your offense and give the defense one more player to account for. We’ve had the position, Gundy just chooses to rarely use them and defenses pretty much understand that and focus on the other receivers and backs.

That 12-2 team wasn’t good they just got lucky just look at the year before and year after. If they were good then one of those teams would have been better.
Again you don’t know what you are talking about.

Like baylor or tcu. Difference is we improved since 2018.

Lol i thought luck was not real. You need to go back to the barn.

One season in the last 5 with more than 8 wins. Lmao very mediocre