Five Things to Know About OSU's First Round Opponent Liberty

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What to expect for Friday.

They kind of remind me of a team I was on. When I was in Junior high, our team was as thin as it gets and we started the year with 1 win in our first 12 games. We finally realized we didn’t have the numbers or talent to beat anyone, so we started holding the ball. Like, forever. There were a few games where the first quarter would end 2-0 with only 1 or 2 shots going up due to no shot clock. Other teams’ parents hated us for it, but we won 8 of our last 9 games and teams would have a hard time staying focused on defense for super long periods of time so we’d get wide open shots eventually. That sounds like what Liberty tries to do, they’ll just sit around and pass and screen over and over until the defense gets tired or makes a mistake, leading to open 3’s. Hopefully with us being 9-10 deep we can stay engaged throughout possessions and close out. If so, Liberty will be in for a long afternoon.

This is ur usual ncaa upset. They come out shooting 60%.
Play man. With no need of protecting the goal. Stick to them like glue. Own the boards we should be fine.

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We have to value the ball. We make a turnover, then they comeback and use 25 seconds and score, we turn it over again, same thing. Next thing you know you are 8-10 behind it will be hard to comeback. We should beat them based on superior talent but we have to value our possessions

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Liberty top 15 in the country in team field goal percentage, which shows why they play a slower game, they are taking quality shots with quality possessions which leads to higher field goal percentages.

Liberty will be the second best team oSu faces this season in regards to team field goal percentage, Baylor’s team field goal percentage is the best oSu has faced 3Xs this season.