Five Things to Know as OSU Looks to Shake Off Losing Streak at Home vs. Iowa State

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Can OSU get right at home and continue its home winning streak?

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The home winning streak ends Saturday. :frowning_face:

Oklahoma State historically has very shallow depth at key positions on the o-line, at QB, and on defense. Injuries, or the lack thereof, which is all a coin flip during the season, is always the determining factor for our success or failure. I saw another article where Robert is heralding oSu’s success in the preferred walk-on program, where many of the small schools in Oklahoma are able to send their best players, who would otherwise go unrecruited, as a great success. However, we will never get to the quality depth level depending on preferred/recruited walk-ons. I am happy for the Oklahoma grown players who are loyal to oSu and get to suit up in the orange and white, but it is not a recipe for championship success.

I’m a little confused here. Explain why acknowledging our walk-ons is a determent to the Program? The last I checked we still have just as many scholarship players as everybody else. Good walk-ons should just be a bonus.

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That’s Gundy’s recipe. And, you are correct, definitely not a conference title type mentality.

This school has not shown any desire to have a conference championship team. We have our first decade away from a conference championship and I predict many more.

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How many decades of football did we play with NO CC jug ? One tie in ‘76 is all…. Keep making up chit you know nothing about. We are far closer now than ever. Maybe we could find a Gass type somewhere to coach, you moron