Five Things to Know as OSU Preps to Open Big 12 Play vs. Baylor on Saturday

Yep. These are the people we try to avoid at work and in social settings. Unfortunately in the forum-space, we can’t look at our watch and say, Oh look at the time…gotta go!

Constantly beating the same drum of specific negativity is not the same thing as objective reality, which is always some mix of positive and negative. I welcome straight talk and opposing views, but it has to be nuanced and interesting. Instead, they whine. They drone. They are not offering interesting takes. They are not persuasive. They become boring.


Really? How much more interesting can winning regular bowl games and placing 3rd or 4th place on average in the conference get? Since when is discussing and finding ways to be better in recruiting not interesting? Since when is placing more emphasis on winning bowls of merit or conference titles not interesting? You think everyone should just have the same exact interests you do?

How much longer do we need to discuss being top 10 in wins while ignoring the more common issues? I’m not saying Gundy is a bad coach or anything like that, but when I question if he’s going to take us to the next level you all just treat me with contempt. I’ve heard the same complaints by OSU fans and Gundy himself on why we can’t be better in recruiting or why we can’t be more competitive in general in the conference. Things like “Baylor has an advantage!!!” or “We need to increase the recruiting budget!!!” or “Players need to execute!!!”.

Okay, I’m fine with that. So what are they doing to fix those issues? Have we increased the recruiting budget? Have we tried to go after players that are better at execution? Have we tried to hit up the transfer portal religiously in the off-season? The problem with some people here is they don’t have the capability of looking at anything from another person’s point of view. They just think they’re right and that’s how things should or will be.

I’ll admit I’m not correct in everything, but unlike some people (Robert and Michael to be exact) I always do my best to provide some sort of source or citation to back my arguments. While I have people on here still trying to tell me I’m wrong without providing any kind of reference themselves. In other words, I don’t try to double down on a defeated argument.

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Those coaches are gone. Gundy is 10 and 8. Dave is the coach now. Gundy is 2 and 1.

Its funny when you tell us about chris record with ou, you stop there not to were ou has the favor with its last four coaches.

Gundy and dave are coaching, not gundy and everybody who applied at baylor

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So Gundy’s 2-1 record (the best coach in school history and 2nd in the Big 12 in wins) against Dave Aranda is more Impressive than Klieman’s 3-1 record (A .500 coach. Your words, not mine) against a BB that’s practically been the best team in the Big 12 for most of its existence?

This is typical joy at its best. Youve gone away from playing with the numbers to dtraight argument.

Is dave that good. Sanders alone gave baylor 10 pics in those games. Why is dave not have 2 wins. Not 2 loses and a win that was the slimest of wins.
The players didnt execute in our last game. Took it out of Gundy’s hands. But, gundy still tried to over come it.

Gundy is 4 and 0 against chris. Only a goon fan cares about 3 and 1.

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Joe, your last post is very interesting and could generate a fascinating conversation.

I think you assume incorrectly that people here want a “safe” space or place or whatever.

However, in my opinion, you lose people who might be willing to have interesting discussions when you always seem to start the thread with a brief negative sentence.

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You see that’s the problem. You’re blaming everything on the players and not questioning any of the game plan when the coaching staff knows full well that they wouldn’t have Warren or a couple of lineman against a top 20 defense. You’re asking me to blame Sanders and Jackson for everything when in reality I could only blame them to a certain extent.

When you take away Sanders only reliable running threats to take the pressure off him and backup lineman how can you expect him to have better execution? Maybe four interceptions is too much, but I’m not stupid enough to pin everything on him execution wise knowing he’s being limited to what he can do.

As coaches they should know their players capabilities to a certain extent. You don’t run the same exact offensive game plan when you know you’re limited on what you can accomplish. When you get inside the 8 yard line on 1st and goal five times, and only come away with one touchdown being a top 10 team it’s more than just player execution (regardless of injuries). You can go ahead and add piss poor game planning and play calling along with it.

Is it being negative or constructive criticism?

You blame gundy thats it.

How many coaches can over 4 picks and other things.

The play calling was good enough to move the ball into scoring position a bunch of times.

You have a rb on the team that felt jackson could or should have done something else.

Some more words you dnt know constructive criticism.

Your definitely negative to anything gundy. @beer thinks your negative. I think your not in reality. You constantly talk about what gundy has done wrong. Even tho i can find 100 of coaches who have done worse.

Last year you went on and on about title game. We go 12 and 2 get a title game. Have a bad played game lose by 6 inches in a game we should have lost by 20. All we get is more " constructive criticism "

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My favorite part was when you did exactly what he accused you of doing.


How many coaches can’t figure out how to get more than one touchdown being inside the 8 yard line 5 times on 1st and goal?

And how many touchdowns did we score? How many reverses did we run? How many counter plays? A trick play or two?

We scored on the other times. The last time we were limited to what we vould call because of how the team was playing.

You still ignore that fact dave should have been up by 20 not 4.

The last run was there you heard from an actually running back playing fbs football that has multiple td ( had 1 in that game).

If someone didnt state the teams. All you knew was a team had 4 pics all around the 30 yardline of theirs. Gave up 17 passes in a row. Only scored 1 td inthe red zone. Had less then 350 total yards. What do you think the final score should have been.

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I’d say it’s being negative. You pulled a positive quote from the article, then followed with a negative one-liner:

I don’t see anything constructive or even a criticism.

There’s a ton out there on constructive criticism, articles and short videos, if that’s what you are after.


Joy here’s the deal, articles are posted and some comments are positive, some not. But you and the stooges can’t wait to put snide remarks not even relevant to the article … not remotely close. “ Here another big time 3 star : How is this kid even being offered: Guess we will get Vanderbilt’s rejects etc
And you wonder why we jump all over it … Gundy isn’t perfect but we are a hell of a lot closer than we were 20 years ago. I’m not saying anything else nice to you again :crazy_face::joy::cowboy_hat_face:


Man lots of bantering on this thread that I can’t even start to comprehend what some of you all are trying to say. So as we circle the drain on this thread I have a deep dark stat to ponder. Since 2012 we have played Baylor in Waco 5 times and lost 4 of those meetings. Looks like we are doomed and there is no beating the statistical gods. Add bonus points to the fact that OSU is pretty much 50-50 on B12 openers so we are double doomed.

On the positive side we have won the last 2. Dave has never won in waco. And we are 1 and 0 against dave at waco.

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Michael here’s the deal. You should stick to just staying on the tractor and off PFB.

There wouldn’t be anyone to correct you but Robert so…. Besides it hilarious reading your stupid comments, then deflecting when you get called out on them

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You guys don’t cite references. You guys lie about OSU’s conference finishes (which I’ve proven before). You guys have stated about teams being in the top 25 that we’ve beaten when they weren’t (which I’ve also proven). You don’t correct someone with lies and no evidence to back it up. Your words only become words then. That’s exactly what they are.

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Joy you still don’t understand beating a team that at the time we played them they were ranked. That’s how that works. Your definition of where we finished is a biased one

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