Five Things to Know as OSU Preps to Open Big 12 Play vs. Baylor on Saturday

Originally published at: Five Things to Know as OSU Preps to Open Big 12 Play vs. Baylor on Saturday | Pistols Firing

OSU looks to extend its lead in the all-time series vs. Baylor on Saturday.

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“It has won 19 of the last 27 meetings.”

Baylor has also won 7 of the last 11 meetings.

Blah Blah Blah etc……

Just when I think you might be a solid critical thinker, you do this.

Always finding the negative, in any post.

You could have gone with “Mike Gundy, who served as a Baylor assistant in 1996, is 10-8 in his career vs. Baylor. He is 2-1 facing Baylor head coach Dave Aranda.”


If I just post positive things all the time it would mean I have a safe space, and reality never comes into the picture. You should be thanking me. I could say he’s 2-1 vs Aranda, but then I would be forgetting there is a reason we’re 4-7 against Baylor in the last 10 seasons. I suppose you want me to forget about Bedlam too? Is that not solid critical thinking?

Real soon were all forgetting about bedlam. You should start now

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You should start demanding better recruiting classes if you want more conference titles in the future.

Yep. He’s like a parasol, always throwing shade.


How does saying he’s 2-1 vs Aranda make you forget something?


Saying 10 and 8 or 2 and1 is more relevant then taking a 10 year record. But joy is always looking for an angel.

Im ready for the game go pokess

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Y’all just stay in your safe place.

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Reading these posts reminds me of why I don’t engage in some conversations.

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Being an osu fan is all our safe places

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Ok, boomer.

Heck a boomer would chew you up. Snowflake.

As long as you Mama’s boys don’t have to read or hear anything negative.

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Not enough Polygrip in the world.


0-1 vs Jim Grobe and 1-2 vs Matt Rhule. I like how you cut off my statement. What I’m saying is I didn’t forget that we’re 4-7 in the last 10 years versus a team that’s had four different coaches. I’ll also add that in Aranda’s first season Baylor had 42 players missing when Gundy won in Waco.

We can’t correct the future without first admitting we’ve made mistakes in the past.

I try to engage in thoughtful conversations. It’s not my fault that I get yardbirds that either live in a basement or stay on a tractor all day that try to hijack my post and infuse their stupidity in it which makes no sense.