Five Things to Know Heading into Oklahoma State’s Basketball Season

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OSU can play in the NCAA Tournament as things stand.

We can get the #1 recruit in the country to come to a basketball program that’s not been very good the last few years, but we struggle to get a couple of top 300 players to sign with the football program.


It’s a little easier to get top level talent when you hire a family member. Gundy may have to put together a new staff of 5 star family members.

Well with Gundy, if he gets the older brother, his chances of getting the younger brother are about the same as his chances of beating OU. 12.5% and dropping fast.


Hopefully this basketball season if it can exist within the pandemic threat will help us forget the football season which started out on paper as a possible contender for the Big 12 championship game but early injuries took that off the table. I don’t care about post season play. I care most this season about watching a super star wearing a Cowboy uniform. May the lords of karma keep him safe from injuries. At my age I probably will never again see the number one high school player in the nation playing for OSU. So I am going to soak it all in and forget about whether or not the team can play post season. I am also eager to see what Boynton’s coaching looks like when he has sufficient talent on the court for the first time. He is obviously going to have to resort to using some magic because he has no true center and you really need one against the big bodies in the Big 12. Regardless, this is a team that at least on paper looks worthy of being excited about.

And without the facilities that all the big-name wrestling powers have, we recruited a top class in the nation last year. Wrestling is the only sport that has not received the benefit of upgraded facilities here at Oklahoma State recently. When our football facilities were new and top level, we still couldn’t win a championship. We will kick sooners butts in wrestling again this year. So I say let’s reward that program as soon as possible.

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PFB keeps promoting “tonight’s” 3 p.m. bball game…???

I just assumed the wrestling program facilities had been upgraded with many other programs. Sad to hear that Oklahoma State wrestling does not have the best facilities in the nation.