Five Things to Watch When OSU Wrestles Iowa on Sunday

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Five things for when the Cowboys take on Iowa on Sunday.

This might be the first time in OSU history, outside of the probation year, that we are favored on paper in only one weight. Iowa is obviously going to motivate themselves by pumping up the need to shut out the Cowboys. Does anyone have the results of Joe Smith’s performance at the Iowa Open?

Joe Smith went 1-1, both wrestlers were Iowa State backups. Then he MFF out.

It’s a shame when one wrestler has worked his butt off all summer until now ,while the other cares less and is rewarded. Give the other guy a wrestle off one that has earned it .

They want Joe to have another chance to add to the Smith family legacy but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. I remember after Pat Smith won his fourth NCAA title in the post match interview he stated that they have another brother, Mark, and he was supposed to be the best wrestler of all the Smiths. It did not turn out that way at all when he reached college. So add Joe to the list of high school superstars who came to OSU and due to some hard luck and other situations watched their stars fade.
Especially sad for John Smith to witness it.

I have to say I don’t feel sorry for John Smith because what he’s doing is not in the best interest of the team, rather best interest for Joe. His time has passed and it’s been 2 years since he’s done anything. Give The guy that’s hungry and wants to wrestle (Shomers). Given the opportunity for a wrestle off is one thing win or loose. Not given the opportunity when promised is another. Just my opinion

I hope there is never another meet on the big.10/network. Those announcers were bush league Flo and ESPN + are way better.

I think it is only fair to comment that wrestling media coverage in Oklahoma is a huge part of the problem.
When I arrived in 1992 there was one guy at the DOK and after he passed they never replaced him. What you produce on this website in a year Seth is more than a decade of coverage from the state print media. ad the state can’t get behind the most successful program in NCAA history and a historically good program at OU. Always felt like an OU fan insecurity issue to me.