Five Thoughts Ahead of Oklahoma State's Fall Camp

It’s going to hard to beat Oklahoma but we have them at our house and if we are “healthy” when we play them this time then it’s possible but three things need to happen. 1 online needs to be good not great, sanders needs to take care of the ball, and the coach needs to let it RIP and coach like he did the 10 years.

Could we trap Gundy in a elevator somewhere?

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Tried that already. Think we got the talent to be really good but it seems with gundy’s teams that have high expectations they fail to meet them most often. Think gundy when he has good teams coaches not to loose and over thinks the game. He needs to let this team rip and open the dang playbook from the first dang whistle blows in the first dang non conference game of the year and flippen floor it for the rest of the YEAR!

U real getting nervous. The season getting close. I hope u bet the farm and we get 2 bedlam wins.

I don’t think he will be homeless Roberto.

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Only can hope

I think some are underestimating how good Iowa State might be. 8 wins seems to be the ceiling for the Cowboys but I agree with all of the games that Joe listed as toss ups. So I might have to take solace in watching the games not as running the table except for OU, but watching to enjoy the stable of running backs. If Sanders runs too much he will again get injured. Not sure if the receivers will be good or not so good. Wait and see on the receivers. And I agree that it’s going to make a difference having a healthy Hale. OU is considered at this point to be the number two team in college. It would be so nice to have a miracle upset for Bedlam. I don’t see it happening but makes for a nice dream.

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We have a big and healthy online in 2017 and we’re projected to play for a conference title. We still found a way to finish 3rd.

He can start by throwing the ball over the middle of the field again.

If it’s taken Gundy 16 seasons to get two wins in Bedlam I would bet the farm he doesn’t get two bedlam wins in one season.

U think u know what good coach is never stop u from naming bad ones

You’ve had a coach convincing you that being average is a good thing and you think a good coach would say that?

So u want u want to replace him with a narcissistic loser in leach. Yea ur on the rite track. Run ur thought over with ur dog if he barks dnt rite it. I trust ur dog more then u.

Over unders are regular season only.

At least Leach is interested in trying to score touchdowns and not setting up for field goals.

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Yes Joe15: Presley over the middle lightning fast like josh Stewart or Coop!

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We had a big and healthy O line until injuries just prior to the TCU game. Since then, it was tough going. Mason did not get the protection he needed.

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