Five Thoughts Ahead of Oklahoma State's Fall Camp

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On QB1, a diverse RB room and more.

Not sure how you figure TCU in Stillwater is a loss. I get Texas, OU, and ISU but we should be favored to beat TCU unless I’m missing something.


I would hammer the over, 8 wind should happen. Especially if they count bowl victories as part of that.


I may be bias😇
But when I look at Texas with new qb. And having to find play makers on defense.
Tcu with the same non passing qb.
Isu with the same team.
Ksu will maybe have a better qb.
Wv have to replace some defense.
Tech new qb and still bad d
Then with us
Close to the same d if no one improves.
Have hale back
Better line.
So it’s down to Sanders I’m not even going to ask alot. Just make less bone head mistakes. 3 bad plays instead of 5. Increase redzone td% by 15% so it’s in the 65% range.
It’s hard to see 7 wins but alot more
Go pokes 1 month to go.

Gundy’s recent performances against TCU have been poor. I’m more concerned with losing to them than ISU or Texas.

He’s factoring in the fact that Gundy is 1-3 against TCU in the last four meetings.

That tcu game would have benefited from 2 of my points having hale. And Sanders redzone % being less then 50%.

No excuse for losing to TCU the last two times. This one is at home. This game is pivotal to whether this is a mediocre or good season. Beat Iowa State or Texas on the road=Great Season.
Beat 0-u last game=Season to never forget!

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It would’ve benefited from having a coach that hasn’t been consistently outcoached by a dude that waddles around like a penguin three of the last four meetings.

LOL. Patterson sweats like no other that’s for sure.

It’s just funny to me how other coaches can figure out how to beat TCU and Gary Patterson but Mike Gundy has seemed to forgotten how to do so. Thank God he has people like Roberto there to make excuses for him every time he gets his butt handed to him in the coaching department.

1-2 against Texas, TCU, Baylor and Texas Tech the last 3 years.

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As far as this season goes for me:

Mizzou State (W)
Tulsa (W maybe)
Boise (Toss up)
K State (Toss up)
Texas (Toss up)
Baylor (W)
TCU (Toss up)
Iowa State (Toss up)
Tech (Toss up)
Kansas (W)
WV (Toss up but probably a win)
OU (No chance)

There are about three games in this schedule that I can say for sure OSU will win. You also have to factor in that we have a coach that does an extremely good job of keeping games against lesser foes closer than they need to be.

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We lost to them the last time they played in Stillwater, I believe.

The Vegas line worries me. Usually when something looks like easy money (8 wins) it ends up going the other way. If this team goes 7-5 or worse 6-6 it is a big setback. Especially if we’re trying to find a new conference home. I think the defense will be solid, but what will the o-line and qb1 look like? I was super high on Spencer Sanders coming out of high school, but if he doesn’t play to his potential this year then I think you bring in Shane. If Spencer has multiple turnovers that are his fault in a short amount of time he needs to sit. We have a good enough defense to win games if we take care of the football.

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I think everyone is forgetting how big of a difference the healthy and competent OL makes in terms of success. Last year so much hype but we did not have a decent OL due to departures and injuries. This year, the big difference is the O line seams to be deep and fortified. If they can stay healthy and Sanders players even slightly better, we should be able to run the table until OU. Note the losses to TCU has also been when we had O line issues. Even 2017 we went from being unbeatable to very average when we lost a couple of O lineman.


TCU was the first conference game in 2017. It’s not like we were worn down after a long season. We played Tulsa, South Alabama, and Pitt and beat them all by large margins. I don’t recall any injury issues at that time.

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Yes TCU was the first conference game and I was actually at the game in Stillwater. The O line had a couple of players down. Rudolph was not getting the protection he needed and the run game was also affected.

I am not concerned with Texas at all. If we stay healthy, I expect this team to only lose 1 regular season game and have a shot at the Big 12 title. History tells me that loss comes from OU but even pessimistically this is a 2 loss team in my opinion.


Our D will be as good as least season with Ford back on the edge.
The OLine will be incrementally better, perhaps much better, which is easily some additional TOP, 1st downs, and points that will pressure opponents. Sanders won’t have to “make it happen”, and even QB2 if he has to play will be in significantly better position to throw it around.

ISU was a good team last year, which the Cowboys beat…
Horns are getting their usual pre-season media hype-up with hardly a mention of a shiny new QB and entire new coaching staff. Queue up “We’re almost back, again”.

10-2 is my prediction with L’s to OU and dropping one we shouldn’t.

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