Five Thoughts Ahead of OSU's Second Round Tilt with Oregon State

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On the Tourney history between the two OSUs and a recipe a Beaver upset.

You can’t control how the shooting is going to go game to game so no one knows what to expect from the Pokes in that area. But OSU definitely has to out rebound the other orange and black team. The Cowboys have been successful driving to the rim or at least getting free throws from their efforts so I would rely on that and pretty much forget about 3 point shooting, especially if they have a lead. They take wild shots when they have a nice lead and that is when the opponent gets back into the game. I wish the coaches would have taken care of that problem by now but we saw it happen again yesterday. Underwood knowing what OK State did to Baylor I am sure he does not want to face the Cowboys. What would make me happier than an OK State vs Illinois game would be for Loyola of Chicago to upset Illinois.