Five Thoughts on Chuba Hubbard Returning to Oklahoma State

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Let’ goooooooooooooooooo!

I am so excited to hear the Canadian Freight Train is back. OSU should have a potent offense in their disposal fo use.

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My heart says 2020 = 2011
My head says 2020 = 2017
I hope my heart is right lol.

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Get your PFB+ subscriptions now! The price will only go up. Simple supply and demand theory.

Glad I got it the yearly subscription for $20 when it was offered.


The trio for next season reminds me of a trio from another era:
Mike Gundy QB
Barry Sanders RB
Hart Lee Dykes Receiver
All three were greatness as is the 2020 version.
Should be a 10 win season.

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“What Big 12 school has more momentum going into 2020 compared to what they had at the end of 2019? Not Texas. Not Baylor. Not OU. I think it’s OSU and then a chasm and then everybody else.”
So, so true!

and unlike this past season… IF we get hit with the injury bug again, we should have a majorly upgraded QB2 at our disposal AND a stud RB2 to lean on.

Don’t you think it’s always a good idea to redshirt a freshman so they aren’t tempted to transfer and use it that way?