Five Thoughts on Conference Realignment and the Vaporization of the Pac-12

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Trying to get a grasp on what happened to the college football landscape.

It’s said that history doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes. Yesterday was such a day.
The PAC 12 was The Southwest Conference of this era in CFB: A very regional power conference that couldn’t/wouldn’t adapt to the changes in the CFB landscape. As a result, it is but a chapter in the history of CFB as it’s former members move on to new homes.
Interesting times we live in.


Pod 1: UA, ASU, Utah, BYU
Pod 2: CU, KU, KSU, OSU
Pod 3 : Tech, Baylor, TCU, Houston
Pod 4 : ISU, Cincinnati, WVU, UCF
9 game conference schedule where you play 3 members in your pod every year and play two different members from the other 3 pods every year. Really excited about the BYU Utah rivalry feel like there’s a ton of bad blood there. Just hope OSU can find a rivalry that somewhat replaces the feelings of Bedlam, and hopefully we’re more successful in that rivalry.


I have that as my pod structure as well. Makes the most sense.

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Brett Yorkmark is the man!!!



I like an East vs West version.


WV, Cincinnati, UCF, Iowa State, Houston, Baylor, TCU, OSU


Utah, BYU, Arizona, ASU, Tech, Colorado, Kansas, Kansas State


Looks good on a map but not playing in Texas every year would really hurt our already not good recruiting. We need to be in the southern Pod.

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Pac-12 presidents, if we believe that doofus commish, Kliavkoff, is to be believed that they wanted a TV deal first before expanding, are to blame. Once U$C and Ucla said they were gone, they should have immediately approached SD State to replace the two southern Cali schools. Then you’d only need 1 to get back to 12. This assumes Oregon and UW would stay, which they might have. SMU would’ve likely been happy to move over. In no way does SD State and SMU make up for the loss of U$C and Ucla but at least you still have something working. Then you go negotiate w/ the TV networks.

If I’m a brass for ESPN or Fox Sports or other…I’m not gonna offer you something serious until I know who else is gonna be in the conference.

I was wrong on Yormark, I didn’t like that he used to be in biz w/ the demonic Jay-Z, but he’s had the foresight the previous two goober commissioners, Beebe and Bowlsby, didn’t have.

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Plus the arrogance of Kliavkoff and other leaders in that conference was a big fat KARMA blowback. :joy: I still don’t like all of this conference realignment stuff, it’s not good for college athletics. Poor Ucla has to travel more than 25,000 miles in the 2024 season. But football teams only play 12 regular season games. Think about the athletes from the other sports…are they going to spend more than a month on campus, they’ll have to park on the east coast at times instead of going back and forth.

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Let’s go back to a traditional North vs South then:


ISU, BYU, Kansas, K State, Utah, WV, Cincinnati, Colorado


Tech, Baylor, TCU, UCF, Houston, ASU, Arizona, OSU


Tbh we really needed the discount ducks and the Washington mutts to really ensure we don’t end up being a fcs league. I’ve heard from big 10 sources that they and the SEC starting their own league is picking up more traction. I hope the ACC stays intact for at least the next ten years.

If Florida State leaves, the ACC will be the next to fall. If this happens I could easily see Pitt and Louisville coming to the Big 12 to fill some gaps on the East Coast.

This crap has to stop though. I can’t imagine what’s going to happen to no-revenue generating sports with all of this travel.


One of the PAC 12’s biggest mistakes was a 9-game conference schedule.
That meant the extra week, instead of possibly going 12-0 against other teams, guaranteed a 6-6 slate among the member schools. Plus it lessened the opportunity to be in other regions of the country, appealing to other region’s fans & recruits.
Which brings in more ratings: Oregon-Colorado or Oregon-Alabama?

Another huge mistake was banking on (instead of canning) Bill Walton.
His games are only watchable by muting the TV and listening instead on AM radio simulcast.

These ho-hum circumstances led to an inferior product to go to market with.

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@edward1 Bill Walton as somehow a contributing factor to the demise of the PAC Conf?!?! Are you being serious?