Five Thoughts on Daniel Cormier's Final Fight and Amazing Career

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A look at Cormier’s legacy and retirement

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Louisianimal (much better nickname than DC!) looked old and slow and didn’t/couldn’t avoid some punches that did damage. Of course that eyepoke did, unfortunately, affect the outcome of the fight, but not sure if Cormier could’ve won it anyway. How’d a high-level wrestler let, albeit a bigger dude, let a guy get double underhooks every round?!

Not to diss on Daniel, who as you say, Seth, has had a magnificent career. He’s always repped Ok State and I’ve been cheering him on ever since he got into the sport. He’s beaten up a lot of dudes who are some of the best in the business and his legacy will uphold the test of time. Hope he really retires and just concentrates on coaching and commentating and enjoying his fam! Best wishes!