Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State in the 2021 NFL Draft

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OSU’s sliding superstars = sleepers? And my thoughts on the Top 3 QBs taken.

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Agree with you pretty much RE the 3 QBs named, esp about Zach Wilson: Bust Alert! He wasn’t that good the season before, downright YAWN, and wasn’t impressive against the best defense BYU faced last season, Coastal Carolina. Kinda sad it wasn’t Boise State cause that’s who you’d think it was. But anyway, Lawrence SHOULD be very good, maybe great but much easier said than done but Jax is a young team w/ some solid guys at some positions and one of the most promising that could improve and not saying cause of Urban Meyer.

RE Our guys, I think a lot of teams missed out, but they do EVERY.STINKING.YEAR and that’s not just about oSu kids but in general. They miss much more than they don’t and sometimes it’s obvious and that’s usually at the QB position. Hello, Darnold and Rosen!

As a Niners fan as well, I’m fine with Trey Lance. Let him sit behind Jimmy G for a year (hopefully) so he can learn the ropes.
Zach Wilson to the Jets has bust written all over it.
Tylan had to wait way too long.

I’m glad for all 8 of r guys.
Big class for us. Should be another one next year.
Just one lil thing a handful is 5