Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 2023-24 Wrestling Season

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On the future of Cowboy Wrestling, Daton Fix’s greatness and more

Not to begrudge Fix, but we’ve had a number of 4 time all-american wrestlers, many of whom won national titles. None of them wrestled in an era where you could get a 5th year. So while its an interesting accomplishment for Fix, it doesn’t put him above OSU’s wrestling greats. I’d also note that he’s the Pat Jones of OSU wrestling, content to try to win 3-0. If OSU as a program is to return to its wrestling glory, it needs its best wrestlers, like Fix, to not just win, but score bonus points in the process.

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The gap between the two conferences is irrelevant. The gap between Penn State and everyone else is getting wider. They won by a record margin and scored a record number of points. They aren’t going anywhere as long as Cael is running the show. For OSU, it’s imperative that Coleman take over. Until John retires, Penn State’s margin will be even wider.

It’s not our coach who is the reason we are not even close to being a top 5 contender. I think the problem is recruiting. The top high school kids no longer see OSU as a great wrestling program.
Embarrassing when Arizona State places much higher than us. I judged the quality of this team by how we did against a very good team, Iowa. After that dual I thought we would be lucky to finish NCAA in top 10.
Bottom line, we are not good enough because the guys we are able to recruit are not good enough at the college level.
So I’m lowering my expectations for Cowboy wrestling. No longer a contender, just a top 10 team. We need a whole team of guys at the level of Fix and Plott. Not just 2 of them. Coach Smith knows this. Send our guys to one of Cael Sanderson’s training camps. No one could come close to beating OSU for decades. Now PSU has the dynasty going with Iowa following. We are not even close to being one of the best. Been watching Cowboy wrestling since 1966. Fix and Plott were not letdowns. They simply lost to guys that are better wrestlers. Smith thinks his guys can mentally will themselves to victory. I disagree. At least our 2 best wrestlers were Okies!

I will say it…time for John to move along.

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