Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 2024 Schedule

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A Friday in Boulder, a tough opening stretch and a way-too-early prediction and more.

You have the date wrong on your table graphic for the BU game

I think we will have a better team but not as many wins and maybe not even get to the CCG.


12-0. There are no acceptable excuses. Period. It’s time. Find. A. Way.


I agree that 10-2 would be the best we could expect. But I think the schedule is too difficult to do better than 8-4.
Prime is pulling talent from the portal so that his QB son can shine. Jack Rabbits might be really good. K State and Arizona probably play for Big 12 championship.
My guesses are based on Bowman being QB,
my lack of faith in the O-line, our play caller, and being less than impressed with Nardo.
Big 12 was weak last season. I think they get better this coming season.
Grueling 1st 4 weeks for Cowboys.
I just wish we had a QB with a good arm considering the receivers we have . Air raid plus Ollie would win some games.

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What is the real date

Not sure why your talking about the oline like that. We have at least 5 of them back with a good bunch coming of age. The asu transfer was a starter. This line gave up hardly any sacks to a staute. We had the top running back any the nation. No they arent all 5 stars but still, come on man.
Ku has to make sure they keep Daniels healthy. Hasnt happened in 2 years. Arizona has lost a lot.
Ksu lost play makers 2 years ago. Then lots alot of guys that played. Whole line te. Dline and dbs most are gone.


We will make it to the Big 12 championship if we get through Utah, K-State and WVU. If we lose one or two, then those teams will have the inside track. I would love to see 10-2, but I feel like it’s 9-3. None of those “lesser” teams are easy to play on the road.

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If things go as they have in the gundy era then they will not live up to the billing with players coming back and expectation high. He seems to do poorly with a high expectation team than with a low expectation team. Only thing that makes since in this scenario is when gundy has a senior laid team with lots of video tape on these kids, the other coaches find it easy to game plan on them because gundy as we know doesn’t change a game plan. With a young team with low expectations he does better because there’s not much film on them and it’s harder for other coaches to figure them out. If I’m wrong then I would like to hear another explanation.


Well then we a shoe in. No most people dnt have us winning it

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he fixed the graphic. It’s on the 26th

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The sky IS falling, the sky IS falling. As soon as I see something that is actually positive about our football team, I will reverse my stance, but the sky is still falling. We were a 6-6 ‘quality’ team last year, but with a 9-3 regular season record. Just my humble opinion and maybe next year, Gundy can prove me wrong.

Bowman’s return isn’t a bad thing, but if Flores can’t beat him out then mediocre we will stay. We all know Gundy’s history in QB1 assessment as well. The return of several starters, including offensive linemen is positive and great! But, play needs to improve with the experience too. Ollie is a bright spot, but often doesn’t respond with Cowboy character in real game situations. He seems to want to be, for lack of a better term, a punk. (I suppose Barry’s demeanor spoiled me back in the '80s.)

I honestly don’t see us getting the worst games of better teams as we did this past season. We never actually played much better, or coached much better, than the S. Alabama game, we just won a few that we really should not have. The only positive thing, besides the scoreboards at times, was Ollie’s development and game plans starting to include him. Bowman was as erratic as ever in complete games as he was in 1/3 games. Pressley and Oliver’s returns are a godsend. I hope that I am wrong, because they deserve better than a 6-6 team.

Just as I did with my CCG prediction, I do invite all to give me H-E-double toothpicks if we even go 7-5!! That is how much I hope that I am wrong with my non-orange colored glasses view. We can possibly lose two non-conference games if not ‘ready’ at season’s start. We were no where near ready last year.

2013- predicted to win the conference, finished third.

2017- predicted to play for a conference title, finished third.

I can promise you the “fans” already have their excuses prepared.

Hey billy go through al the past no 1 pics since 2010
See how many got there. By the way we were picked 7th last year. Stop cherry picking.
You always use a microscope to take your veiw, when a birdeye view gives you the real pick.

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I guess its safer to look at it this way. Alot of people say zane is the guy heard alot the last 2 years that rangel was too. We did to start of like we finished strong. First 5 or 6 will be the tuffest of the season. Starting with a new guy may work. We do know what we got with alan.
7 of the teams we play had losing season. There all not getting better. Most still have the same issues. Colorado has no depth. Tech has bad defense poor line. Ksu has just lost more then they can fix. New line new qb no receivers. Lodt 3 de and 3 db. Asu my have picked up more then the lost. Tcu made a big effort with line and defense. Baylor no change. Wv same team utah has lost alot of players get qb back. Arkansas lost and gained no change. Sdsu good qb but lost alot of players
Tulsa no change. Byu no change have alot of issues.

Our biggest issue is have we made any movement on the dline can the new guy help. Possible problems lose Gordon and aj green dies nothing. Lose receivers which we are thin at. And thr dline is worse.

We come out fresh with the offense know who they arr we can pack on more game of 35 to 40

10 wins is in play
If ku can keep Daniels in the games itll be us and ku. If not us and isu


Not this “fan”.

Reasonable and optimistic. I am not trying to be safe to guard my hopes. I am just saying that it pragmatically doesn’t look good to me. I hope all with real hopes of a ten win season get to remind me how stupid I am now… and refuse to allow me to celebrate it. ;-]

Now, to one and all, how about our man Zac Robinson, now an OC in the NFL–CONGRATS…!!! I had always hoped that he would come back to Stillwater and wait for Gundy to retire, but he is much too smart for that it seems. Coach in the NFL without the recruiting headaches and leave the roster more to the personnel director! lol

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Why do you say that @travis5266
You have your excuses every year. Has nothing to do with better teams. Poor evaluation by media. Players not playing well
Never this its gundy now dunn or some other coach

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I don’t make excuses. Sure won’t this year!

Being the last game of the regular season, how is Colorado a trap game?

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