Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 2024 Signing Class

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On worries, winning battles and what’s next for the Cowboys

A balance class. I like we get balanceed classes. Arkansas last year got 3 4star te. Looks good on paper. Tcu got 3 gb in a class of 14 a few years ago.

Give out scholarships to give out scholarships not the best thing to do.

Ranking are rankings zane should have been a 4 star. How can a kid get 4 or so bb offers and not be a 4 star. I know not all players on bb are 4 stars but, come on Brandon.

Like this year not that talent as last year but played like 2021.

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So in other words, we can expect to finish anywhere from 3rd to 10th next season, or in the future? So nothing really changes then?

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I don’t mind this class. I look at who else was recruiting the kid. Its alright to take the occassional flyer on the guy who doesn’t have P5 offers, but its not a strategy that’s going to win you the conference. Most of our kids had offers to those schools that most would consider our peers (Texas Tech, Kansas State, TCU, etc). We had a couple that had some blue-blood offers, and a couple that are flyers based on body-types or small school, multisport prowess. But its a steady class that should have enough bullets to compete in the new look Big 12.


What is everyone’s feelings on Maealiuaki Smith? I was hoping he was a dual threat sorta sad about him not being one.

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Looks like it always looks……gundy can’t recruit and will get beat out by half of the new big twelve crappy conference. Your right not a sexy ranking. What did you expect I mean you have had 20 years of proof so do you need 21 years of proof? This guy will never win this conference and he will retire with one conference champion ship and a bunch of meaningless winning seasons.


I gotta agree with Jeff on this one. While I don’t think stars mean everything the evidence has been the last several years. We haven’t had a top 25 recruiting class since 2011, and we’re never going to separate ourselves from our peers when we recruit similar to them or worse than them.

In order to be the next dominant program in a new look conference the transfer portal and recruiting are paramount to that separation. It’s not good when you’re losing out in the transfer portal to programs like Syracuse, Tech, and Mississippi State. If we can’t guys from Elon, North Dakota, and Buffalo to come here. Then tell me where the hell we’re going to get them from? So far we’ve gotten guys from UTEP and Arizona State. Two programs that were terrible this season.

He’s built a lot like Rudolph and needs to put on about 20 lbs. He’s got a nice arm and touch and can scramble real well. Personally I prefer dual threat as well.

Not sure he’s gonna be able to beat Flores as a true freshman.

We should never go by rankings IMO, cause they never rank the classes afterwards! Why does a school like K-State (and us for that matter), which has traditionally have classes ranked #50 and below, beat UT which has been top 10~20 since classes were ranked???

And the portal is affecting these rankings also. I like a lot of the guys we got. We need to pick up an RB or two in the portal cause I think Ollie’s gonna walk.