Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 21-12 Victory Over No. 4 Iowa State

Originally published at: Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State’s 21-12 Victory Over No. 4 Iowa State

On the dynasty being back, young talent, Plott and 149 pounds

I think the days of the dynasty are long gone. You can’t go 18 seasons without a national championship and say the dynasty is back. PSU and Iowa have dynasties. No team is going to beat both of those teams multiple times in order to qualify as a dynasty. But I totally agree that this team looks more like what we used to see compete. Excellent recruiting in the portal and high school. You want a championship, then you better recruit potential champions and also have incredible assistant coaches. I’m thrilled with the recent changes in coaches. We still lack someone to coach the bigger weights. Chris Perry ballooned up to look like a heavyweight, but he wrestled at 165.
I also agree that Williams looks ready to be the steady at 149. Sammy has had a career of inconsistency. I look forward to seeing Jersey Robb at 184. Unfortunately, looks like Haas until Surber can heal.
I interpret John Smith differently. When he said ISU would be the biggest challenge of the year, I think his wording was off. It sounded like he meant that it was the biggest challenge of the year so far. Obviously, Mizzu and Iowa are bigger challenges and most likely losses. But I like this team’s s chances to compete for a title in 2 more years. I think everyone is excited to see Carroll wrestle. Surber not being 100 percent is going to cost this team big time. Only Spencer Lee could win a NCAA championship with both ACLs torn . I know Surber has a knee injury.

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While a much improved dual team, the problem with the Cowboys is that they’re not going to score many points at the NCAA tournament. How many people on this team are guaranteed All-Americans? Plott and Fix and Olejnik? You can’t win a title with 3 AAs.

Imagine if Buchanon had transferred to OSU instead of the irrelevant program he ended up at. Maybe Smith didn’t want to recruit over Surber - or maybe Buchanon’s loyalty to Ware really is the reason he followed him there. But I’m excited about all the young studs the staff has brought in.

I thought we have 6 i. The top 10. Aa are 8.

You don’t have to tell me, in your broken English, that the top 8 are AAs. I know what qualifies as an All-American. The Cowboys have 7 guys who are ranked in the top 20, but only 3 who I would count on as being placers at the tournament. As I said, Fix, Olejnik, and Plott are the only three who I would count on. Jamison and Doucet are borderline. If they have really good tournaments, they might make the podium, but an upset can easily see them not placing. Travis, while ranked, is probably not good enough to place. Surber, because of injuries, may not even compete. Penn State has 9 likely AAs and probably 3 champions. OSU just can’t come close to matching that. There’s a possibility, if they have a really great tournament, they could finish 2nd or 3rd, but it would be a very distant 2nd. I actually think Iowa State and Missouri have a better shot of finishing higher than OSU at the tournament.

To beat psu we would need help. Good seed and other teams beating them.
We got a kid at 15 who has 2 top five wins.

We can have 2 good wrestler go in and lose 2 match each.
We will know more after iowa plays psu and we play iowa.
Your ranks most be different then mine.

We got to go in healthy tho

Don’t comment on a wrestling article saying things like “after iowa plays psu and we play iowa.” Wrestlers do not “play.”

Intermat, the Open Mat, Flo–pretty much all rankings are similar. All of them have OSU with three guys who are highly ranked and one or two hovering around the 8-10 spot, depending upon the ranking service. That’s three likely AAs and maybe another one, if they have a good tournament. Penn St. will likely have nine AAs, with three of them being champions. The Pokes are not coming close to that. Period. It doesn’t matter who is healthy or not. If the Cowboys can finish in the top three, it will be one of John Smith’s best coaching jobs, but it will take everything falling into place for that to happen. The Big 12 tournament will actually show how good this team is. If they finish ahead of Iowa St. and Mizzou, then the possibility of a high national finish looks a lot more likely.

Not really sure what you wanting.
We got 7 in top 16. That how many upsets out of aa.
6 wrestlers jump in polls.
Look i dnt we win a natty psu got what 5 or 6 no. 1.
Only way is other teams beating them.
A match like Mizzou is a prime example on paper we were picked to win 4.
1 thing were cant have ,and we have had in the past, top guys losing 2 and out.
Another is we need more points out of those 3 you talk about.