Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 31-6 Win against No. 12 South Dakota State

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On clutch Cowboys, young Cowboys and returning Cowboys

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We wrestled great for the most part against a team that played defense with a front headlock and stalled in most matches. Fix getting ridden was a downer.


Great win

I didn’t see it as too much stalling. Seemed like they were being cautious against great competition.
Fix has not had to be on bottom that much during his career, so that’s been a weakness. Plus, that guy was strong and good at riding.
Thing concerning me the most is Surber having to spend this season wrestling injured. A lot of potential points that we probably won’t get when we need them in remaining tournaments. A really tough break for Luke and the team.
I have no clue how the Iowa match will turn out. Count on the Brands crazies to tear into their guys for being embarrassed by Michigan and PSU. They will be looking for blood against us. I hope no one gets hurt.
Kudos to Williams!
Showing great potential.
I want to see our 157 guy next season after an off season of weight training.
Curious to hear what John Smith has to say about Plott on his radio show. That just didn’t look like what we are used to seeing from him.
Been awhile since we’ve seen a Cowboy team like this. Memorable season for sure. This is what Cowboy wrestling looked like under Myron Roderick in middle to late 1960’s. You expected them to win, and they did. And for big duals against OU, Iowa State, and Iowa with Gable, there was always SRO. Would love to see 12,000 show up for the final 2 duals. This team deserves to get that kind of show of appreciation for what this team has done.
How about PSU this week having 5 guys ranked Numero uno? How does Cael keep doing whatever it is that he has going?

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