Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's $37.7 Million Payout from the Big 12

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Down just $1.1 million from a year ago.

Football made almost $28M in 2018-2019. But had recruiting expenses just a tad higher than basketball. Would like to see the overall profit (roughly $300k) added to football recruiting.

3 thoughts:

  1. Would there be a way to chart how x amount of dollars added to football would improve recruiting rankings over say a 3 to 5 year period? Like could we get more 4 stars particularly on defense? Improved recruiting is mandatory to laying the foundation for championships.

  2. If not adding to recruiting, go get an actual special teams coordinator.

  3. Don’t add to football before adding to wrestling so that we can overtake Penn State and Iowa. Or add it to women’s basketball. Or some other non-revenue producing sport.

Just some stuff to banter about.

This article was about as exciting as when I took an economics class at OSU.


My thoughts are adding extra money to football recruiting couldn’t hurt. Football makes quite a bit more than basketball but only gets $80k more in recruiting budget. Who knows if it helps but football should at least get the opportunity, for a year or two, considering football recruiting has been questioned.

Recruiting budget isn’t the issue. Recruiting effort is the issue. This is why I say use the extra money toward something with more tangible, positive effects.

I’m under the impression that 1. Football is (was) increasing budget for recruiting and 2. It could increase it more if it wanted. No inside knowledge there, but Mike Holder clearly knows how important a recruiting budget is.

This comment took less thought than I care to admit with more words than I imagine are required in the average kindergarten book reading.

My 1 Thought:

This means that OSU might be able to finish 4th place in the conference this year.

On 1: Isn’t some of the thinking about the relative strength of the Big 12 kind of about what is going to happen in the next TV contract? Is the current Big 12 going to be worth as much as the others? I wouldn’t think so from a population standpoint.

On 2: Since we gave away our 3rd tier rights isn’t the 37.7 our total number whereas Texas’ number is +15 and OU’s +7.5?

Didn’t Gundy get an increased budget this year and not spend it all ?